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CPU and FPU benchmarks

State of the art multi-threaded benchmark methods to measure performance of both old and brand new processors. References list to compare actual performance with other systems.

From: Developer's Page

The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650's performance in this context is nothing short of incredibly impressive. Of course, EVEREST CPU is a multithreaded benchmark set, which will favor CPUs with two more cores as we can see here. The quad core offered more than twice the performance as the budget-minded Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, simply because of its higher clock, more cache, and twice the amount of processing cores.

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1. Introduction and Specifications
2. Intel QX9650 Architecture; Test System
3. Benchmark: EVEREST CPU
4. Benchmark: EVEREST FPU
5. Benchmark: PCMark05
6. Benchmark: 3DMark06
7. Benchmark: Cinebench R10
8. Benchmark: SYSMark 2007
9. Benchmark: SuperPI 1M; Overclocking
10. Power Consumption and Conclusion