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Page 10 - Benchmark: SuperPI 1M, Cinebench R11.5

About SuperPI

Super PI is a computer program that calculates pi to a specified number of digits after the decimal point - up to a maximum of 32 million. It uses Gauss-Legendre algorithm and is a Windows port of the program used by Yasumasa Kanada in 1995 to compute Pi to 2^32 digits.

From: Wikipedia (January 19, 2010)

Here's one test that the Intel Atom D510 isn't quite good at, haha. This is not a multithreaded application, and calculation times favor CPUs with high FPU performance in general. Most modern processors should be able to complete this test in less than 25 seconds, but the Atom took nearly one and a half minutes. I vaguely recall my Newcastle core Athlon 64 3000+ back in the days did the same benchmark in around 47 seconds, while the midrange Core i5-750 finished to one million digits of Pi in under 16 seconds.

About Cinebench R11.5

CINEBENCH is a real-world cross platform test suite that evaluates your computer's performance capabilities. CINEBENCH is based on MAXON's award-winning animation software CINEMA 4D, which is used extensively by studios and production houses worldwide for 3D content creation. MAXON software has been used in blockbuster movies such as Spider-Man, Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia and many more.

CINEBENCH is the perfect tool to compare CPU and graphics performance across various systems and platforms (Windows and Mac OS X).

From: Developer's Page

No one buys an Atom based computer to do graphics rendering (At least I don't hope so!), but still interesting results to post nonetheless. Just for your reference, a quad core Intel Core i7 typically gets a little over 5.00, depending on model and socket. The OpenGL benchmark won't run, again due to hardware limitations of the integrated graphics accelerator.

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