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As I have mentioned in the introduction, it is quite easy to miss things when we are looking for them in a too specific location. This can be applied to a variety of different things, but today, I am applying it to an audio analysis. With this point in mind, I attempted to analyze the Kanto YU4 speakers at first with a more general approach, and only after experiencing the full sound did I try to focus in on the different frequencies. What I was able to gather from it was a pleasant and mostly balanced sound. Before I dive too deep into the overall experience of the sound, I would like to note everything else the Kanto YU4 offers. There is a wide array of inputs for a variety of different purposes, making the speakers flexible in different settings. It is easy enough to include a subwoofer in the setup with the subwoofer output. Including a Bluetooth connection is appreciated, as it is easy to quickly listen to some music by just switching inputs. The included remote ensures a user-friendly experience, giving you a lot of control over the speakers' balance, as well as making it easy to switch between different inputs. Otherwise, the speakers are well constructed with quality materials to ensure excellent build quality. Unfortunately, as I have also mentioned, the included auxiliary cable caused a lot of static noise with my computer. I am not sure if this is a universal problem, but I could not use the speakers until I replaced it. Thankfully, it is a cheap fix. As for sound, there were no surprises. The speakers are as expected across the board for the price and the size. The speakers have excellent clarity and create a pleasant acoustical environment to listen to music. The MSRP for the Kanto YU4 is $390 USD; however, at press time I was able to find them for about $300 USD. The price is fair for the performance. One thing to consider are the Edifier S1000DB speakers, with similar performance, but with a price tag of $350. The Kanto YU4 speakers might have some competition, but they are still a solid choice for desktop speakers, especially if one wants to connect a subwoofer, which the Edifier S1000DB lacks.

Kanto provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Kanto YU4 speakers are versatile speakers that delivers expected performance for the price.

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