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Kingston once again uses the classic formula of making great RAM with the FURY Renegade DDR5-7200 2x16GB: A sleek heatspreader design, cutting edge speed, and lifetime warranty, all on top of the company's excellent reputation for quality and reliability. But are these enough for you to care and recognize all these things by opening up your wallet to pick a set up, or is it just another kit on the market that blends in with the crowd? Simply put, the answer is not so straightforward. As I have noted in the Patriot Viper Venom DDR5-7200 2x16GB review, a 13th generation Intel CPU is required to operate it at such high clocks. There is nothing one can do to get it to run at the specified speeds on a 12th generation Intel CPU, and even on an Intel Core i7-13700K, you are really pushing the limits of stability depending on your motherboard model and even BIOS revision. Given this information, I was unable to overclock this RAM past factory specifications at all. When it comes to the benchmark results, the Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5-7200 2x16GB showed significant performance difference against the reference DDR5-5600 kit I used, but only in synthetic tests that directly measure memory bandwidth. In every test that simulates real-world performance, some of them scored better than the Thermaltake TOUGHRAM XG RGB D5 DDR5-5600 2x16GB, while in other tests, it scored worse. It does not seem to me there is anything to gain with DDR5-7200 with current generation processors. Of course, future generation platforms could take advantage of the extra bandwidth, and if you want to future proof your purchase, you can never go wrong with buying the latest and greatest RAM. For about $220 at press time, the Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5-7200 2x16GB costs more than the Patriot Viper Venom DDR5-7200 2x16GB, which is only $150 at press time and has the same SK hynix A-die chips inside. You can be sure Kingston's latest kit will last you for many years to come as we see newer CPUs hit the market, but Kingston could definitely use a bit of a price cut to make the FURY Renegade DDR5-7200 2x16GB more competitive.

Kingston provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5-7200 2x16GB RAM offers the latest in DDR5 memory speed with cool looking heatspreaders on the outside and SK hynix A-die chips on the inside.

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