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Page 7 - Benchmark: HD Tune Pro 4.60

About HD Tune Pro 4.60

HD Tune is a hard disk utility with many functions. It can be used to measure the drive's performance, scan for errors, check the health status (S.M.A.R.T.), securely erase all data and much more.

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Unfortunately, HD Tune does not generate any fancy independent graph outputs in particular, so I had to edit my screenshot out a bit to make it look better for publishing in a review. Again, like our HD Tach results on the previous page, the line is virtually flat as before, just like how it is supposed to be. It differs slightly in magnitude than the other program -- probably due to testing algorithms used -- but its performance characteristics are identical in practice. Other than that, one interesting thing to note is, from the three programs I have used that keeps track of the access time of a drive, the Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G3 32GB in HD Tach and HD Tune both came out to be around 0.3ms, depending on the level of precision in presents. AIDA64 is slightly lower at 0.28ms, which is still pretty close. Everything else should be self-explanatory.

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