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Kitcom NK60T Review

By: Jadon Lee
July 30, 2021

Lately, I have been getting into the custom mechanical keyboard hobby. A common question I get asked is, "Why do people spend so much money on a custom mechanical keyboard?" This is a completely fair question as all keyboards serve the same purpose no matter what the price is. My response to this is simple; it is a different typing experience. It is like how buying a dSLR or mirrorless camera and all the lens and accessories to shoot better photos. Even if the changes might seem small, these differences are huge to enthusiasts. I cannot speak too much into it as I personally am not too deep into the hobby of photography, but I definitely can for keyboards. Whether it is the materials, mounting style, or layout, they all contribute to a preferred typing experience. Some people might want a softer typing experience so they will opt for a gasket-mounted unit. Some may want a brass plate to create a higher pitch peripheral. All of these finer details come into play, and it is honestly really interesting. My main point is the smaller details you might not notice are incredibly important to those who do notice. Of course, even with all mechanical keyboard preferences being personal opinions, there are still standards as to what is good. This is why I was excited when Kitcom sent over their NK60T tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for me to try out. How satisfying will this keyboard be to an enthusiast? Keep reading to find out!

Our review unit of the Kitcom NK60T came in a yellow plastic wrap from Hong Kong via DHL Express Worldwide. Inside the yellow wrap was a tightly packed brown corrugated box, which was placed inside multiple layers of additional plastic wrap. I was a bit concerned as the box looked a bit too tight with a large dent in the bottom. The retail box sustained minimal damage, only having a medium sized dent on the left side of the box. The shipping could have been better, but the product still made it in one piece.

The Kitcom NK60T's box design is incredibly minimal, utilizing black, yellow, and grey as the primary colors. The overall look gives me an industrial vibe. Grey is a really hard color to pull off well and I think this retail box is evidence as to why. The appearance is quite bland. The yellow text box on the top left displays Kitcom's logo with the product name "NK60T" directly below. Underneath the product name are some features in a white font. White font on a yellow background is not the greatest idea as it is simply hard to read. "NK60T" is written again on the bottom right of the box in a slightly darker grey font. The back of the box provides some specifications and displays the general layout, being a TKL or 80% keyboard.

Before we continue, here are the specifications for the Kitcom NK60T, as specified on the retail box:

Dimensions: 360*133*33mm
Weight: 780 ± 20g
Cord Length: 180 ± 1cm
Keycap Material: ABS
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Interface: USB
Switches: Blue/Red/Brown
Function: N-Key Rollover

Out of the box, you receive the Kitcom NK60T itself alongside a cord, keycap puller, and user manual. The keyboard was wrapped in plastic and placed gently inside the box. The cardboard keeping the keyboard in place was surprisingly adequate for cushioning the product. The cord and switch puller were hidden behind the cardboard layer used to cushion the NK60T. This method may still have some movement inside the box, but for a budget device, the job is done satisfactorily. The user manual contains relevant information about the keyboard features and key combinations. The packaging of the NK60T is decent and should suffice in keeping the keyboard safe.

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