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As my mechanical keyboard hobby continues to grow, I am excited to continue to learn more about keyboard manufacturing and what it takes to make one better. Understanding the smaller details is really interesting and honestly quite fun. Kitcom seems to agree with my theory, as the build quality of the NK60T is surprisingly quite premium for a budget unit. The case is made out of plastic, but the plate uses aluminum. With this combination, you get a surprisingly rigid end product. The biggest highlight of this keyboard is the stabilizers. Although imperfect, the lubed stabilizers still help with reducing the rattle. The rattle is still apparent, but is significantly dampened. The choice of Outemu switches makes a lot of sense as it helps keep the price low. These budget switches perform very close to their Cherry MX equivalent, having very little drawback to using this budget option. The built-in secondary functions were very useful in general media control or for RGB lighting customization. I did not feel a need for software as the functions provided more than enough customization despite having some missing effects. Kitcom has done well in all important aspects of building a keyboard. Of course, no input device is perfect. Despite my praise for Outemu switches being a good budget option, they are budget for a reason. The Outemu Brown switches in particular have a scratchiness to them, which was oddly audible before being broken in. The font on the keycaps is quite strange and feels incomplete. Having a cable raceway is nice, but the implementation was lackluster with its very tight bends. There is a slight echo when bottoming out the keys as well because the NK60T is quite hollow. Most of these problems are not deal-breakers for me, but your preferences may vary. At a price of about $45 USD at press time, the NK60T is definitely fairly priced and a good bang for your buck option. Overall, anyone looking to upgrade from a membrane keyboard, you will be satisfied with the tenkeyless Kitcom NK60T.

Kitcom provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Kitcom NK60T tenkeyless mechanical keyboard comes out ahead of the game with a surprisingly good build at a surprisingly low price.

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