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I may have been lamenting over the cost of my car, but I can take solace in the fact the complete cost of ownership for the past seven years has been relatively affordable with no real fixes required until recently. In a similar vein, on first glance, potential buyers will be attracted to the Netac NV7000-t 1TB for its affordability. Looking at its specifications, we have pretty impressive quoted speeds too. Combined with a lengthy write endurance and a five-year warranty, the NV7000-t seems to check all the right boxes on paper. As part of its affordable angle, the NV7000-t 1TB does not have any DRAM onboard. Even so, with the Maxio Technology MAP1602A and YMTC NAND chips, this M.2 SSD put up solid results. In synthetic benchmarks, the drive was competent in both sequential and random performance. Furthermore, the NV7000-t's numbers in tests like 3DMark and PCMark excelled in application use while maintaining competency in file transfer results. It was not spotless across the board, with PassMark's advanced disk tests showing room for optimization on the controller under intensive read and write loads. Even so, I was very pleased with its overall finish. When it comes to acquiring the SSD, you can find the Netac NV7000-t 1TB for around $71 through typical online retailers, but you can also find it through a popular Chinese retail site for as low as $44. On the one hand, this makes for an excellent price-to-performance ratio. On the other hand, competitors like the WD_BLACK SN770 1TB have come down to this lower price point while carrying a more recognizable name. I would say the NV7000-t and the SN770 trade enough punches to say both drives stand on their own. All in all, I am happy to see more competition in these markets, as Netac has made speedy storage accessible to the mainstream user.

Netac provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Netac NV7000-t 1TB is here and ready to rumble in the budget PCIe 4.0-based NVMe SSD market, hitting well in performance for its price point.

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