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About AIDA64 Extreme Edition

AIDA64 Extreme Edition is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for home users. AIDA64 Extreme Edition provides a wide range of features to assist in overclocking, hardware error diagnosis, stress testing, and sensor monitoring. It has unique capabilities to assess the performance of the processor, system memory, and disk drives. AIDA64 is compatible with all current 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

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Results obtained from FinalWire's popular AIDA64 benchmarking and diagnostic program is the first set of graphs to make the list. Our configuration did not benefit immediately from the cache drive in the Linear Read test, but the Dataplex algorithm kicked in appropriately after the first run. Interestingly, the Buffered Read benchmark skipped the hard drive right from the beginning -- whereas the other two had nothing to do with the OCZ Synapse 64GB caching SSD. All tests were run three times to adhere to the design of the hardware and software setup, and will be carried throughout this review.

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2. A Closer Look, Installation, Test System
3. Benchmark: AIDA64 Disk Benchmark
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7. Benchmark: HD Tune Pro 4.60
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