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About Crystal Disk Mark

- Measure sequential reads/writes speed
- Measure random 512KB, 4KB, 4KB (Queue Depth=32) reads/writes speed
- Select test data (Random, 0Fill, 1Fill)

From: Developer's Page

Up next is Crystal Disk Mark 3.0. While the OCZ Synapse 64GB/Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB combination did not perform as well as other SandForce SF-2281 based drives, surprisingly, it actually got pretty close on more than one occasion. Regardless of the way you would like to look at it, the Dataplex powered configuration consistently outperformed previous generation SSDs -- and this is very impressive. Again, all tests were run exactly three times to ensure the published results reflect the intent of the manufacturer. As you can see in our charts above, Crystal Disk Mark interacted with the OCZ Synapse almost directly; the HDD was largely ignored throughout.

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