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Much like the consumer electronics and internet revolution of the early 2000's, the solid state drive revolution late in the last decade has brought about significant changes in the way we look at technology. In a short amount of time, traditional big boys like Seagate and Western Digital no longer owns the storage market; while manufacturers like OCZ, SanDisk, and Kingston find themselves propelling their products into every enthusiasts' desktops and laptops almost overnight. I will boldly say no respectable performance computer will go without at least one solid state drive nowadays -- the era of having a 10,000 RPM hard drive for your operating system and programs is long gone. As we have witnessed the change in the role of a fax machine in our generation, it will not be long before some kid born after 2006 would come up to us and ask, "You mean there is a time when computers did not come equipped with SSDs?" and we would just smile back, remembering the good old days of the Western Digital Raptor. Today, we have witnessed another small step forward in the continuous evolution of the solid state drive. Building upon the success of its predecessor, OCZ built their flagship Vector 150 series in hopes to shatter performance and reliability barriers once again. Are they successful this time around? While I have no reliability data on the Vector 150, a five year warranty is quite reassuring. With regards to performance, the fact that it outperforms the original Vector -- which was one of the fastest drives on the market previously -- is quite a feat. As OCZ is now owned by Toshiba, the Vector 150 240GB is a wonderful combination of one of the best proprietary controllers out there with some flash chips sourced in-house. For about $210 at press time, you will not find this unique combination anywhere else.

OCZ provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The OCZ Vector 150 240GB is a seriously fast solid state drive with a long warranty developed using completely in-house hardware that you will not find anywhere else.

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