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AIDA64 Extreme Edition is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for home users. AIDA64 Extreme Edition provides a wide range of features to assist in overclocking, hardware error diagnosis, stress testing, and sensor monitoring. It has unique capabilities to assess the performance of the processor, system memory, and disk drives. AIDA64 is compatible with all current 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

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Here comes the interesting stuff. If you've ever taken probability and statistics, you will know that in a probability distribution function, the chances of getting an exact value is zero. Well, in this case, against all odds (No pun intended), all three SF-1222 SSDs came out to exactly 266.7MB/s for our linear disk read results. Talk about a weird coincidence. But what is not a weird coincidence is, again, the SF-2281 based OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB again destroyed everything in its path and left nothing behind. Delivering nearly twice the performance in the linear read tests, the same trend continues on as we look at the random read and buffered read results. Along with half the tested access time of its predecessors, I don't know how they pulled it off, but OCZ is not like Britney Spears who said "Oops! I did it again" -- it's more like, "Woot! I did it again".

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