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The year was 2003. AMD was making a killing in the enthusiast processor market, and ATI was still an independent company. The Radeon 9500 128MB lives in the shadow of the Radeon 9700 128MB, but all enthusiasts "in the know" would flock to the former. Why? For one thing, it is cheaper; secondly, one could easily modify the 9500 into a 9700. The 9500 came with four rendering pipelines, but with a simple mod, one could enable all eight to effectively double the memory bus. This will bump your pixel fill rate to 2.2 GPixels/s, and peak memory bandwidth to 17.2 GB/s. Essentially, you can buy a card that costs between $150 to $175, and turn it into one that can cost up to $250. What I am trying to say is, while living in the shadow of the very best may be a constant disappointment to people in real life, in the technology world, it can actually be a good thing. The OCZ Vertex 460 240GB is a great example of how performance to price ratio can play a big role in a product. Sure, if you want the very best, along with an assuring five year warranty, you can always pick up an OCZ Vector 150. But for those who do not really need speed that scrapes the edge of interface barriers, then the OCZ Vertex 460 makes a lot of sense. It follows in closely behind, constantly within a hair of Vector 150 by delivering over 90% of the performance offered by its bigger brother, all for about 90% of the price. For about $155 after rebate at press time, the OCZ Vertex 460 240GB is big on performance while taking less of a lift off your wallet. The year is 2014. You cannot turn an OCZ Vertex 460 into a Vector 150, but it gets pretty close right out of the box.

OCZ provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The OCZ Vertex 460 240GB is a speedy solid state drives that delivers excellent performance; consistently following just a hair behind the Vector 150 for a little less cash.

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