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If you were still looking for a recommendation on a budget drive, the Patriot P200 512GB may not necessarily surprise you, but it definitely has the chops to survive in this saturated market. On the specifications sheet, it provides good read and write speeds as well as excellent write endurance. These are good signs when it comes to an SSD. However, its benchmarks performance was a bit more revealing of the wallet-friendly nature of the P200. On one hand, the synthetic tests looked quite good for Patriot, with results besting the provided ratings. On the other hand, the P200 512GB faltered in more real-world tests. In addition, our punishing PCMark 8 tests did not do anything to alleviate the results. Unfortunately, removing DRAM on the Patriot P200 is one way to make this drive cheaper and this negatively affected its performance. This being said, compared to other DRAMless drives like the Crucial BX500 480GB, the Patriot P200 still performs quite admirably. Other bottom line cuts can be seen in the fact Patriot only provides a three-year warranty. I would have much rather seen five years of coverage. However, the real surprise with the Patriot P200 512GB is the aggressive pricing of $51 USD at press time. This undercuts the competition, including the aforementioned BX500 480GB, and brings the P200 512GB below the $0.10/GB mark. I might still recommend saving an extra ten to fifteen dollars to get an alternative drive with better performance and warranty, but there is no denying the Patriot P200 512GB is currently one of the cheapest solid-state options out there.

Patriot provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Some performance was traded to get to make this drive affordable, but Patriot deserves commendation for selling the P200 512GB at such a price point.

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