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Page 5 - Benchmark: Crystal Disk Mark

About Crystal Disk Mark

- Measure sequential reads/writes speed
- Measure random 512KB, 4KB, 4KB (Queue Depth=32) reads/writes speed
- Select test data (Random, 0Fill, 1Fill)

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The same pattern continues on for the Patriot Supersonic Rage XT 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive as we move onto our Crystal Disk Mark results. Once again, it performed well in sequential read and write benchmarks, but again, shaving a chunk off the numbers presented by the big boys. However, the Supersonic Rage XT is actually quite competitive against the Magnum and Kingston HyperX in random small file performance, which requires high input/out operations per second (Commonly referred to as IOPS) -- even beating out some of them in a few tests. Even though it is still not very good, this is no different than other USB 3.0 flash drives we have tested in the past. Improving IOPS is one area we would definitely like to see improvement on for everyone selling thumb drives, although for most users, the real world performance based on the intended usage of a USB flash drive will probably not be a significant issue.

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