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Back in the days, when Avril Lavigne was still popular, and Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get it Started" is played on the radio every fifteen minutes, SanDisk was the go-to company if you wanted to buy a flash drive for your computer, or a memory card for your digital camera. Since then, times have changed. The market has become much more competitive. In the age where One Direction is every Junior High girl's favorite band, and honestly believe that you "don't need make up to cover up", because "being the way that you are is enough", does the Ultra Plus 256GB still have the technology and innovation to bring SanDisk back to the top? In the words of Avril Lavigne, we don't have to go and "make things so complicated". It is simply too easy to be fooled by this uber lightweight, 7mm thick SSD with a PCB inside that occupies barely a third of the available room. But just because it is small on the outside and even smaller inside, it does not mean it is small in performance. The Marvell 9175 based SanDisk Ultra Plus is big on speed and big on efficiency. So to ask whether the company still has the technology and innovation to bring them back to the top -- my only response is, are you kidding me? This is not even the right question to ask. Commanding a price of about $210 at press time, it may not be the fastest drive for the price, but the 'technology and innovation' part really won me over. To get with the times, I think it would have been better to me to describe it in One Direction terms, "If only you saw what I can see, you'll understand why I want [it] so desperately".

SanDisk provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Don't be fooled by the SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB's thin appearance and lightweight form -- this SSD competes in the heavyweight class.

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