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On both models of the SilverStone Kublai KL05, the side panels can be taken off easily with your hands, as they are held together with thumbscrews. Taking both side panels off will reveal the interior skeleton of the case. The matte black color of the Kublai KL05’s interior is consistent with the color of the exterior panels. All of the expansion slot covers and hard drive trays also features a matte black finish. The layout of the case is very conventional with the power supply mounted at the bottom, six hard drive trays to the right, two 5.25” drive bay on the top; leaving the rest of the interior space for the motherboard. As previously mentioned, the dimensions of the Kublai KL05 is standard compared to other mid-sized ATX cases, and the interior setup is no different.

The Kublai KL05 can accommodate mATX and ATX motherboards, just like you would expect for a mid-tower. There are designated holes for the mounting screw depending on what kind of motherboard is to be installed onto the case. As we can see, on the back of the chassis, there is ample space for a large heatsink to be installed without the hassle of having to remove the motherboard. Although there were no pre-installed fans at the back of the case, the KL05 can accommodate one up to 120mm in size in the rear.

After removing two thumbscrews, the top of the KL05 is completely detachable. Taking the top of the case off, it reveals again the large space that supports 240mm or 280mm radiators. At the back of the unit is a filter to keep dust out, while maintaining airflow capabilities. The openings around the motherboard mount provides sufficient space for cable management, and allows for users to have a generally cleaner looking build. Such depth in the design of the case would allow for a bigger CPU fan to be installed without having to worry about issues with cramming parts into each other, although SilverStone has specified a limitation of the CPU cooler to be no taller than 165mm in height from the motherboard.

As we can see in the photo above, the opening for the power supply on the SilverStone Kublai KL05 is located on the bottom of the case. The base where the power supply goes is lined with a mesh layer meant to take the heat produced by the power supply away from the chassis. On the topic of taking heat away from the case, SilverStone has also provided eight ventilated expansion slots on the back of the case to ensure once again airflow into the system is sufficient, and there is room for any trapped heat to escape. All of the expansion slots have separate Phillips-head screws on each side holding them in place, and can be taken off if users wish to use the space provided. Taking a look to the right of the expansion slots, we will find the opening for the back panel I/O. Once again, the placement of the panel is quite standard compared to other mid-sized ATX computer cases.

Out of the box, provided by SilverStone are the drive bays located on the inside on the front panel. The two external drive bays are both 5.25”, and features convenient tool-free installation. Underneath the external drive bays are highly flexible storage for 2.5” to 3.5” internal drives, which can accommodate up to six drives standard from the manufacturers, and up to nine with the purchase of additional drive cages. In addition, the internal drive bays are extremely easy to install, swaps out with tabs that lock when in place, and is easily unlatched when both tabs are pinched. In front of the internal drive cages is the 120mm intake fan that comes stock with every KL05. The size of the fan covers about a quarter of the entire front panel, meaning one more 120mm fan can be installed under the stock one with no issues at all. Once turned on, the front intake fan features a bright blue LED light to add a distinct look to the overall design of the case. In terms of installation, the 120mm intake fan features a 3-pin motherboard header that can be directly connected the motherboard.

Here is a look at the back of the motherboard tray not many people pay attention to. This would be mainly because this side lacks a window, and consists of much of the cabling room. Again, SilverStone has provided ample space in the openings around the motherboard tray to ensure an easier time for people desiring better cable management. As we can see, this side features two tool-free SSD installation trays under the back of the motherboard mounts. Next, looking at the I/O cables that came with the KL05, we can see only a couple of them have been braided and bundled into black cables. The other wires were, as described by Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan regarding wire quality from chassis manufacturers, “a bunch of colorful wires that looks like it came straight from an electronics lab” in his Fractal Design Define R5 review. It is not a big deal, especially considering this is a budget case; just something to mention.

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