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With the Rival 710, SteelSeries checks off a lot of items on my necessary list for a good mouse while also making incremental improvements on an already solid predecessor, the Rival 700. First of all, it is a well-built mouse with a sturdy construction. Its changed surface is still nice and easy to hold on to. Buttons offer solid feedback and the primary ones have doubled in lifespan from the original model. When we see some of the extra features, SteelSeries have done a good job in adding ones that are beneficial for the flexibility while not bringing any detrimental side-effects by including them. Its modular design is pretty handy for customizing the mouse for your use or design. Want a shorter cable, an unlit back, less SteelSeries markings, or even a different sensor? You can swap them all for different options. On the other hand, with such a reliable default sensor, I would almost question why anyone would want a different one. The TrueMove3 is an excellent performer and tracks reliably in games and general use. Finally, SteelSeries provides one of the better, if not best, software experiences in their Engine 3 application, offering options and their Prism RGB lighting for any sort of customizing. If there are things to improve upon, they are small things such as increasing the resolution on the OLED screen, making it a color screen, making the surface a bit more fingerprint resistant, and using a USB Type-C on the mouse end. I personally would have also liked to see a lighter mouse, but this is my preference. At an MSRP of $100 USD, but available for as low as $85 USD, the Rival 710 is not necessarily the cheapest of mice, but it is a mouse with a large set of features and a dependable performance.

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The SteelSeries Rival 710 takes the right approach to making a good mouse by delivering on all the foundational aspects of a mouse while throwing in many beneficial extras.

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