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Page 2 - Physical Look - Hardware

The TUNAI Drum has many colors to choose from. The base color is black and the small little cap can come in different colors. Particularly, there are five: Black, grey, orange, yellow, and blue. As you can see in the above picture, I have the blue version. I appreciate that there are so many different colors, making it flexible for anyone's tastes. The housing is made out of plastic, but it feels solid. The color piece is slightly glossy, while the majority of it has a matte feel. The front bit is quite glossy though. There is no branding on the earpiece at all, except for the L and R on each earbud. Otherwise, the design is a little different than traditional straight earbuds. As you can see, the little earpiece is a little off center. The plastic cable leads out the back of the earbud at the bottom. Because of the plastic design, the TUNAI Drum is quite lightweight.

A little further down the cable is a small remote with the only TUNAI branding found on the product. The little inline remote has one button on it for answering calls. The little button's feedback is quite good, and worked well throughout my use. The microphone is good as well, and I do not have any complaints. The cable itself feels really rubbery and is prone to tangling. Also, after having used it for a while, I can feel little bumps and bends of the cable inside by running my fingers along the cable. I am not sure what to make of this, but the sound quality was definitely not affected. There is a 3.5mm ninety-degree connector with a large piece of hard rubber surrounding it to keep it sturdy.

Without the sleeves on, it is a little bit easier to see how off center the earpieces are. I think it looks nice. There are four different sizes of sleeves included. I chose the second smallest, and it worked great. As I have stated in other reviews, I do not have the best luck with this type of design, but these sat in my ear comfortably and did not fall out at all. However, they are definitely not for running. Throughout my use, they remained comfortable. My biggest annoyance is the cable, which I had to take a bit of time to untangle. However, the carrying case is pleasant to use. The soft case made it easy to stick it in my pocket and have on hand throughout the day.

TUNAI emphasized the bass of the Drum earbuds. It is advertised as the most attractive bit of the product because of the large 13 mm dynamic drivers found within. However, TUNAI did not want to just have a good bass experience, and so there is an 8um diaphragm for fast response in the treble range. Furthermore, TUNAI advertises the cable as improving the accuracy of the sound, reducing distortion, and ensuring a clean experience. Found on the manufacturer's page and the Kickstarter page are helpful graphs to see the response of the different frequencies. Otherwise, the impedance for in ear monitors is high, sitting at 32 ohms. The frequency response is 10 Hz to 40000 kHz. All of this is technical information, and so on the next page we will be doing some real life testing as objectively as possible.

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