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After looking at the Turtle Beach React-R Controller and taking it through its paces, I think the React-R offers a solid gamepad experience. From the start, I appreciate this white-purple theme for a scheme that is seemingly rare on gaming gear or peripherals. The React-R's button layout is familiar and comfortable, matching that of an OEM Xbox controller in both location and feel. The back buttons, triggers, and paddles are textured for easy identification, while the thumbsticks grip well to your thumbs. Furthermore, we still have simplified on-the-fly audio enhancements with volume control and balancing between game and chat audio like the Recon Controller. I also really like the inclusion of their bottom-facing paddles, which is easy to remap and access. This is something found on more premium gamepads, so I do appreciate the inclusion here. In our testing, I found the React-R to be responsive and accurate, offering solid feedback in its buttons and triggers. There were still a few minor things to nitpick with its fit and finish. For example, the primary and shoulder buttons had a slight wobble, while one of our thumbsticks exhibited a scratchy feel when rotated. Furthermore, while I appreciate the grips on the sides of the React-R, I still missed the rubbery sides of the Recon Controller. Finally, I am still asking for a wireless version of their controllers for some untethered freedom. That being said, when we consider this is an officially licensed controller with an asking price of $40, I think I can forgive the slight misses with the Turtle Beach React-R Controller. As such, if you are looking for a gamepad with a great feel, familiar layout, and at a reasonable price, then the React-R Controller is a commendable option.

Turtle Beach provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Turtle Beach React-R Controller is a budget-friendly wired gamepad that offers a familiar feel with some useful addons from the OEM Xbox controllers.

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