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After listening to the V-MODA BassFit Wireless for an extended period of time, I found my raised eyebrow return to its normal position. My respect for V-MODA has not changed, because the BassFit Wireless is worthy of the brand. Furthermore, the V-MODA rendition of a product with the word "bass" in its name may be a part of something good. For one thing, its moderate V-shape sound signature delivers on not only the bass but also on the midrange and treble; creating something that is punchy but not overwhelming and distorted. Secondly, to ensure the wireless channel is not the bottleneck to its 10mm dynamic drivers, the BassFit Wireless supports all the latest codecs over Bluetooth. Thirdly, good drivers alone do not make a good listening experience, and V-MODA understands this. As per the company's tradition, lots of accessories are included to ensure an excellent fit and seal with your ears. Combined with its reasonable weight of 17g, great wireless range and connection consistency, as well as a well-built remote control, there is a lot to like about these earphones. However, there are a few things I would like to see improved upon. Firstly, the earbuds are big and bulky. Even though they are not heavy, the earbuds are too blocky and in an ironic manner, not very fashionable. Secondly, its soundstage is relatively narrow, which is not good. Thirdly, according to my tests, these earphones did not even come close to its advertised battery life of 11 hours. I could barely get half of that at 40% volume, which is poor. Lastly, instead of a USB Micro-B connector, a new USB Type-C port would have been much more preferable. All in all, the V-MODA BassFit Wireless are good earphones marred by some odd drawbacks I did not expect from such a renowned company of fashionable sound. For $130 at press time, these are well-priced wireless earphones, but it can be made a lot better than it currently is.

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The V-MODA BassFit Wireless are decent sounding wireless earphones marred by drawbacks that are atypical to the renowned brand of fashionable sound.

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