NVIDIA Grabs for 30% of Integrated Graphics Market

From DailyTech: NVIDIA, the leader in discrete graphics, has its eyes on Intel's integrated market and its latest integrated GPU -- the 9400M -- may be just the chip to grab share from Intel. NVIDIA's Nick Stam believes that the 9400M could grab 30% of the existing integrated graphics market.

Articles Roundup October 23, 2008

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Intel, IBM open up switch specification for blades

From InfoWorld: Intel and IBM have agreed to open up IBM's BladeCenter switch technology for more server makers to use, part of an initiative to spur adoption of a specification for low-cost blade servers.

Ericsson Takes LTE to the Street

From PC World: Ericsson has managed to achieve rates in excess of 100M bps (bits per second) with next-generation mobile technology LTE (Long Term Evolution) during recent field trials.

LTE is pitched as a successor to the 3G (third generation) mobile services such as the European UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and similar wide-band CDMA (W-CDMA) services.

Office, Vista getting new service packs

From CNET News.com: While most of the excitement around Windows and Office is around the next full versions of the products, Microsoft is also working on the next service pack updates for each product.

In a blog posting on Wednesday, Microsoft said that Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will come sometime between February and April of next year. It also listed many of the features in the update, which includes previously announced support for the Open Document Format.

Intel Criticizes iPhone's ARM Processor, Forgets All About XScale

From DailyTech: Intel is picking on what it calls the slow iPhone, but is fast to point out that the slowness isn’t Apple's fault. This caveat is no doubt to placate Apple and its iPhone business, which Intel undoubtedly covets. According to Intel's Shane Wall, the problem with the iPhone is its processor which is based on ARM technology.

Intel's future Atom plans sound a lot like AMD's Fusion

From InfoWorld: Next year, Advanced Micro Devices plans to release the first of its Fusion chip family , which combines processor cores and a graphics engine on the same chip. But AMD isn't alone in its efforts: Intel also plans to combine graphics capabilities with its processors, including low-cost Atom chips for laptops and desktops.

Instant-on Dell Desktop to Debut Next Week

From PC World: Users will have instant access to computer data and major applications without booting up the computer, said Jeff Clarke, senior vice president and general manager of Dell Product Group, who did not name the system.

By doing so, it allows users to work with e-mail and documents without engaging the CPU and therefore uses less energy.

Samsung withdraws offer to buy SanDisk

From CNET News.com: "After nearly six months of efforts to pursue a transaction with no meaningful progress, we are withdrawing our proposal to acquire SanDisk," Yoon Woo Lee, vice chairman and CEO at Samsung Electronics, said in a letter that Samsung released Wednesday in Seoul.

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