Nvidia Plans Another Re-Branding of Graphics Cards

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. plans to re-name its graphics cards once again in a bid to spur interest towards its products and try to simplify its product lineup. However, graphics cards that are hardly different from those available a year ago, but which carry new names, will cause a mess on the market.

AMD to spin off manufacturing

From CNET News.com: As expected, the No. 2 supplier of PC processors will split into two companies: one for designing chips, the other for manufacturing them. The capital-intensive business of manufacturing chips is weighing on AMD as it reels under a $5 billion debt load.

The investment is expected to allow AMD to remain directly involved in chip manufacturing--crucial for competing with Intel, which has used its manufacturing prowess to great advantage.

Softbank Lands Its First Corporate 3G iPhone Customer in Japan

From DailyTech: Japanese news site Nikkei Net reports Softbank Mobile recently signed its first corporate customer for the 3G iPhone in Japan. The Japanese unit of consultancy firm BearingPoint agreed to purchase 1,000 3G iPhones to be used amongst 1,200 consultants at client offices.

Core i7 Incompatible With Performance DDR3 Memory

From Tom's Hardware: Images of an unreleased Asus X58 motherboard in its apparent retail packaging show a sticker placed across the DIMM slots stating “According to Intel CPU SPEC, DIMMs with voltage setting over 1.65V may damage the CPU permanently. We recommend you install the DIMMs with the voltage setting below 1.65V.” According to the Inquirer, Asus had said it is safely running memory kits at 1.7V in its labs, but beyond that voltage you are on your own.

Microsoft updates desktop management tools

From InfoWorld: Microsoft has released the next version of its desktop management toolset for IT that includes updates to its application virtualization and asset management tools.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2008 R2 is now available to users with volume licensing contracts and Software Assurance maintenance contracts.

MDOP is designed specifically to help IT administrators manage collections of Windows desktops, including Vista SP1.

T-Mobile Lost Disk Containing Data on 17 Million Customers

From PC World: Deutsche Telekom's German mobile phone subsidiary T-Mobile lost a disk containing personal information about 17 million of its customers in early 2006, the company said Saturday.

Silent about the data loss for more than two years, the company published its version of events on Saturday following a report in German news magazine Der Spiegel that the data were being offered for sale on the Internet.

Yahoo Stock Hits 5-Year Low

From DailyTech: Once offered $32/ a share to merge with Microsoft, Jerry Yang's Yahoo Inc. is in financial trouble. The giant's stock closed Thursday at $15.58/share -- a five year low. Not since its meteoric rise and fall with the dot com boom and bust between 1999 to 2001 had its stock traded at such low levels.

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Western Digital Caviar Goes Green – Faster, More Efficient

From Tom's Hardware: The new 1 TB Caviar drive packs 333 GB per platter on three platters coupled with a 32 MB cache. According to Western Digital this new platter density and larger cache reduce power draw by up to 20 percent. Performance increases up to 10 percent . There are some drawbacks for those performance enthusiasts however. The new Caviar uses a 5400 RPM spindle speed which reduces overall performance of disk input/output.


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