ARM eyes Intel turf with 2GHz multicore designs

From CNET Cambridge, England-based chip company ARM on Wednesday announced the development of dual-core, quad-core, and eight-core Cortex A9 processor designs, explicitly aimed at markets currently served by Intel's x86 chips and IBM's PowerPC.

Intel Denies Short Supply of Atom Processors

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp., the world’s largest supplier of microprocessors, denied the report that it was reducing supplies of Intel Atom processors to popularize the more expensive consumer ultra low voltage (CULV) platform and improve its average selling prices.

Microsoft Teams Up with Activision for Xbox 360 “Modern Warfare 2” Limited Edition Console

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced a new “special edition” version of Xbox 360 game console with enlarged hard disk drive and rich bundle. The console will be stylized in accordance with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 title by InfinityWard/Activision and may give birth to Xbox 360 Elite 250GB game console.

In bid to upstage Intel, Arm boosts processor speed

From InfoWorld: Arm Holdings on Wednesday raised the clock speed of its Cortex A9 processor to 2GHz, with the aim of boosting application performance while drawing less power.

New Jailbreaking Tool Available for Some iPhone Users

From PC World: The iPhone hacking faithful can now unlock and jailbreak their original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch 1G devices with the much-awaited PwnageTool 3.1. Unfortunately, the hacking tool does not yet support the iPhone 3GS or the new iPod Touch, but an update is expected soon.

Motorola: Microsoft Won't End Windows Mobile Support

From PC World: A Motorola executive today disputed the belief of some analysts that last month's Microsoft Corp.-Nokia Corp. agreement to jointly put Microsoft Office applications on Nokia handsets could mean that support for Windows Mobile could end within a couple of years.

Lenovo Unveils Multi-touch X200 and T400s Notebooks

From DailyTech: Lenovo has announced new multi-touch tablet notebooks today called the ThinkPad x200 Tablet PC and the ThinkPad T400s laptop. The X200 also has a new option for a super bright optional screen that can be viewed in the sun. The X200 tablet is aimed at those who work in education and the medical fields and the new updates allow the users to control the machine using gestures like pinching, zoom, tapping, and flicking rather than using a mouse.

Donut SDK for Google's Android ready

From CNET Those smartphone developers waiting for the next version of Android, code-named Donut, will not have to wait any longer now that the Android 1.6 software development kit is available for download. As expected, Donut is not a major release of Android but adds a few goodies that developers might want to consider.

Dell to pay $4 million in fraud case

From CNET A year after the state of New York won its case against Dell and Dell Financial Services, the company will now pay up.

iSuppli: Intel PC Market Share Lead Over AMD Grows

From DailyTech: Market researcher iSuppli recently released a new report indicating Intel's control of the gobal CPU market has reached a four-year high during Q2 in 2009.

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