Last Major PC Makers Ditch Chinese Web Filter

From PC World: Some of the few PC makers who offered a controversial Web filtering program mandated by China have reversed those plans, dealing the latest blow to China's efforts to deploy the software nationwide.

US Company Burned by China Web Filter Plans Rival Product

From PC World: A U.S. company whose software code was allegedly stolen in China by a controversial, government-backed Internet filtering program will hit back by launching a rival product for a low price in China, the company said late Sunday.

Intel and Apple--future rivals?

From CNET As Intel readies its most potent chip yet for small devices, Apple may already be using competing technology.

One of the themes of the upcoming Intel Developer Forum (starting Tuesday) will be the chip giant's foray into the smartphone and mobile Internet device (MID) markets. Intel's current Atom chip is fine for Netbooks but has had little impact on MIDs and zero impact on smartphones, where it is simply too power hungry to be usable.

Dell to buy Perot Systems for $3.9 billion

From CNET Dell announced Monday that it will buy IT services provider Perot Systems for $3.9 billion.

The two companies expect to provide a broad range of IT services and solutions, expanding the global reach of Perot Systems, and selling Dell computer systems to additional Perot customers.

Microsoft Sues Five Companies for Malicious Advertising

From DailyTech: When some hear that Microsoft is suing a series of companies over malicious advertising, some might assume that it has finally taken Apple to court over its somewhat misleading "Get a Mac" commercials. This is not the case; but Microsoft has indeed sued five companies. It says that the targeted companies are publishers of malicious online advertising used to spread malware and scareware.

Blockbuster Closes 1 in 5 U.S. Stores, Rental Stores Fading Into Twilight

From DailyTech: Video juggernaut Blockbuster, long outmaneuvered and outsold competitors. But the industry giant rocked the rental industry last week, when it announced that it would be closing 960 of its 5,000 U.S. stores. Overnight Blockbuster, which also maintains 3,300 international stores, fell from a industry icon to a victim of a changing market in the minds of many. The writing, however, has been on the wall for some time now.

APH Networks Reviews: QNAP TS-439 Pro Network Attached Storage

Toshiba Unveils New 2.5 inch 500GB, 7,200 RPM HDD

From DailyTech: Toshiba has unveiled a new high-performance 2.5-inch hard drive in the MKxx56GSY series. The new drive has 500GB of storage with only two platters. The drive spins at 7,200 rpm and is aimed at notebooks and netbooks needing a lot of storage and high-performance.

Microsoft Offers Students Windows 7 Pro for $30 Until January 2010

From DailyTech: Windows 7 is getting closer to its October 22 launch date. With improved security, better compatibility, and a slick new look, the OS should please owners of both powerful and underpowered machines alike. Microsofthas already offered hot pre-order deals, but now it has announced its sweetest deal of them all.

Eee PC maker Asus goes gadget

From CNET It made a splash with the Eee PC. Now Asus, once known chiefly as a components maker, is looking to make the leap to consumer gadget maker.

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