Intel Targeting 22nm Chips by 2011

From Tom's Hardware: Just after Intel was proud to show off its 32nm wafer for its Westmere processor, the world's largest chipmaker today brought out the first working chips built on the 22nm process.

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini took to the stage with 22nm test circuits that include both SRAM memory as well as logic circuits to be used in future Intel microprocessors.

Intel Demonstrates Larrabee Graphics Processor in Action

Intel ahead of schedule with new Xeon server chips

From InfoWorld: Intel is set to start production of its next-generation Xeon quad-core server chips ahead of schedule, which could then appear in systems as early as the first quarter of next year, a company official said on Tuesday.

Google plug-in puts Chrome inside IE

From InfoWorld: Google today released a plug-in that embeds its Chrome browser into rival Microsoft's Internet Explorer, a move one analyst said may be an admission by Google that getting users to switch is harder than it anticipated.

Dubbed Google Chrome Frame, the open-source plug-in can be used with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), IE7 and the newer IE8, said Google in a blog post introducing the new software.

Microsoft to be heard on Word injunction appeal

From CNET OK, so the software maker still spends lots of days in court, even if it has settled many of the antitrust cases that once filled its Outlook calendar. Wednesday, though, it will make its case to an appeals court for why it shouldn't face an injunction banning sales of Word that contain a custom XML feature.

Yahoo's quest for respect

From CNET Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is already tired of cynicism about the company, but understands that the business world still looks at Yahoo with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Report: Apple Says iPhone Apps Aren't Intended for Business Use

From DailyTech: Forget that Apple has been carefully courting businesses and business users; forget that the iTunes App Store has over 78 pages of business-specific applications. Apple is insisting to one very disappointed Swedish customer, J. Martin Wehlou, that its iPhone Apps aren't business tools and are not meant for business use.

IDF09: Intel Ready With Silicon From Next-Gen "Sandy Bridge" Architecture

From DailyTech: The product launch of Intel's Westmere 32nm die-shrink may be just around the corner, but they aren't resting on their laurels. Sandy Bridge, Intel's next-generation architecture, is already being produced in test batches at D1D in Hillsboro, Oregon.

DoJ Calls for Rewrite of Google Deal

From Tom's Hardware: The U.S. Justice Department late last week urged the court overseeing the deal to reject the settlement in its current form, adding that the court should encourage the involved parties to renegotiate the terms of the settlement.

European Commission Publishes Evidences of Intel’s Abuse of Dominant Position

From X-bit Labs: The European Commission on Monday disclosed evidences proving that Intel Corp. abused its dominant position on the market to ensure its market share. Numerous companies received special rebates on condition that they would not utilize microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices.

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