Nvidia Plans to Add Another Graphics Card into GTX 200 Lineup

From X-bit Labs: In a bid to better compete against ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card, Nvidia Corp. plans to add another product into the GeForce GTX 200-series lineup. Few details are now clear, however, another card in the family will almost surely make Nvidia’s products more competitive in the lineup.

Dell gains, Sun loses in worldwide server market

From InfoWorld: Dell posted the biggest gains in worldwide server revenue in the second quarter, helping it to nudge Sun Microsystems out of third place, Gartner said Thursday.

IBM retained the top spot but had slower revenue growth than Dell, while Hewlett-Packard stayed in second place with hardly any growth at all, according to Gartner's estimates .

Intel to Release First 6-Core CPU in September

From X-bit Labs: Currently existing processors contain 1, 2, 3 or 4 cores. However, this series will very soon get a continuation: next month we are going to see 6-core Intel processors aka Dunnington. These CPUs will belong to Xeon 7400 family targeted for scalable (up to 32-way), reliable, powerful 64-bit servers for enterprise applications.

Google to make real-time judgment of ad quality

From CNET News.com: Google plans to update its mechanism for ad quality scoring, a critical measurement that influences whether advertisements are placed next to search results so that judgments of ad quality are made immediately.

Overclocking Nehalem "almost as good as gaving a 2nd graphics card" - Intel

Asus Readies Mainboard with ATI’s and Nvidia’s Multi-GPU Support

From X-bit Labs: Perhaps, Nvidia Corp. does not want to run its SLI multi-GPU configurations on platforms developed by its rivals, whereas ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, does want to promote its CrossFire multi-GPU tech. No matter what, Asustek Computer readies a mainboard that supports SLI and CrossFire.

Nokia Admits Security Flaws in Series 40 OS

Nokia confirmed Thursday its widely used Series 40 operating system has security vulnerabilities that could allow stealth installation and activation of applications.

But the company was evasive on whether it paid €20,000 (US$29,500) to researcher Adam Gowdiak of Security Explorations, who wanted payment for effort spent finding the flaws.

Sony Announces 160GB PS3 Bundle, Wireless Keypad Accessory

From DailyTech: Sony is continuing on its quest to make its PS3 console the top-selling video game console in the world. It has a long way to go with Nintendo's Wii thoroughly trouncing both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in sales.

IPhone Fix Silently Lands

From DailyTech: Apple’s iPhone was recently barraged by reports that the device’s 3G was far below specifications and experiencing a broad array of difficulties. The reports did relatively little to put a damper on sales, but a troubled Apple did begin working on a fix according to inside sources.

Logitech Introduces New Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

From Tom's Hardware: The Cordless Desktop Wave Pro consists of a new Logitech keyboard which is, according to Logitech, shaped in a wave key frame design, U-shaped constant curve and cushioned palm rest. The reported end result of this design? The company claims you’ll be able to pick up on using it immediately, "in comparison to ergonomic keyboards."

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