No New Xbox Because "Faster" and "Prettier" Doesn't Cut It

From PC World: Don't look for Microsoft's Xbox "Next" anytime soon, says company President Robbie Bach. According to Bloomberg, Bach says Microsoft's planning to sticky by the Xbox 360 longer than the original Xbox because "it's getting harder to persuade consumers to upgrade."

What's more, Bach says the current console lineup's outputting groovy enough visuals that it'd take some serious arm-twisting to convince us to upgrade in the near term.

Intel to bring out chip for lower-cost thin laptops

From CNET Intel will bring out a new Core-architecture processor for lower-cost ultra-thin laptops later this year, according to Intel sources at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

AMD Looks to Burn Intel With Competitively Priced Dragon Platform

From DailyTech: On Thursday, AMD released its new Phenom II processors. As DailyTech predicted the day before, the new processors came in a Phenom II X4 920 and an X4 940 quad core variant. The X4 940, dubbed the "Black Edition", is clocked at 3.0 GHz, while X4 920 is clocked at 2.8 GHz. Both processors have proved solid overclockers in early testing, falling just short of the Penryn and Nehalem (i7) Intel processors in terms of overclock, based on early testing.

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Play Crysis on Your Cellphone; Thank AMD

From Tom's Hardware: What kind of supercomputer can pre-render HD content, temporarily store it in a virtual cloud, and then stream it across the Internet to numerous portable devices? Why, AMD's upcoming Fusion Render Cloud, of course!

Intel Demos Industry Support for Its Media Processor for TVs

From X-bit Labs: At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show Intel Corp. showed broad industry support that brings a variety of rich Internet applications to the TV through new connected consumer electronics (CE) devices running on the Intel Media Processor CE 3100. The new Intel processor is the first in a family of purpose-built System on Chips (SoCs) designed specifically for the CE industry.

Replacement Battery Pricing for 17" MacBook Pro Leaked

From DailyTech: Apple is known for often searching for ways to charge premiums on their products and for puzzling design decisions. When news of the MacBook Pro 17" update leaked to the web, many were excited with the prospect of getting their hands on Apple's new flagship product showcasing the new aluminum unibody design.

Oracle to issue 41 security patches

From InfoWorld: Oracle will issue 41 security patches next Tuesday addressing vulnerabilities across "hundreds" of its products, the company said in a pre-release announcement.

Dell officially unveils Adamo, Mini 10

From CNET Dell trotted out a fashion model to show off the newest addition to its notebook lineup, but beyond explaining the name of Adamo, gave no further details.

Though rumors about Adamo circulated in December, Dell wouldn't confirm its existence. At its press conference here on the second day of CES, the PC maker did that--and only that.

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