Samsung withdraws offer to buy SanDisk

From CNET "After nearly six months of efforts to pursue a transaction with no meaningful progress, we are withdrawing our proposal to acquire SanDisk," Yoon Woo Lee, vice chairman and CEO at Samsung Electronics, said in a letter that Samsung released Wednesday in Seoul.

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen Discusses the Eee's Future 3.0 scores strong first week

From InfoWorld: 3.0 was downloaded 3 million times in its first week, with about 80 percent of the downloads by Windows users, an official with the group said in a blog post on Monday.

The successful introduction of the open source office suite came despite the group's download servers being temporarily overwhelmed by demand for the new software last week.

Next-Gen T-Mobile G2 in the Works: Oh Come On!

From PC World: Mock-ups of a so-called T-Mobile G2 have already started appearing on the Internet, while the first Google Android Phone, the T-Mobile G1 is not even on sale until tomorrow.

There's not doubt that Google is already working on an improved version of Android, and so are other major companies. For example, Motorola is working as well on an Android device, said to cost around $150 and feature "heavy" social network integration.

Yahoo, Google extend antitrust deadline

From CNET Yahoo and Google have extended the Wednesday deadline for antitrust regulators to issue a decision on whether to block the controversial search advertising deal to proceed, according to a source familiar with the talks.

And at this point, it remains to be seen whether a definitive decision to block, or allow the agreement with remedies as part of a settlement, will occur before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Quantenna Wi-Fi Chipset Offers 1 Gbps Speed

From Dailytech: Internet speeds here in America are lagging behind those available abroad in many areas of the world. The low speed of internet access doesn’t mean you can’t have a wireless home network that provides very fast connectivity.

Intel's Moorestown platform to get 3.5G support

From InfoWorld: Intel's upcoming Moorestown chip platform will include optional support for high-speed cellular data services when it hits the market in 2009 or 2010, Intel said Monday.

Toshiba to Partially Acquire SanDisk Flash Venture Stake

From PC World: Toshiba will partially buy-out SanDisk's stake in two flash memory production joint ventures the companies are running in Japan under a provisional deal that was announced Monday.

Flash memory chips produced at two factories in Yokkaichi, Japan, are currently evenly split between Toshiba and SanDisk, which each own a 50 percent stake in the joint ventures that run the plants.

Report: Yahoo plans cost-cutting moves, layoffs

Blizzard Denies Milking Starcraft Franchise

From DailyTech: The announcement StarCraft II will be released as a trilogy generated significant discussion among the gaming community. One of the main theories put forward was that Blizzard was bending to pressure from Activision to release the game as a trilogy in order to increase revenue over time. In an exclusive interview with game news site Edge Online, Blizzard representative Bob Colayco denied this claim.

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