Apple Unveils New 17" MacBook Pro

From DailyTech: During the opening keynote of the Apple Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Apple unveiled several new hardware and software technologies. Despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs stepping aside to give keynote duties to Senior V.P. of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller, there was a certain level of anxiety as attendees were still unsure what to expect.

Microsoft Posts Tool Kit to Delay IE8 Download

From PC World: Microsoft Tuesday posted a toolkit to block the upcoming Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) from downloading and installing automatically when it is officially released later this year.

If the company uses a timeline similar to its previous browser, the toolkit's release means Microsoft is likely to deliver IE8 within the next three months.

Weak demand causes Intel to cut Q4 forecast

From InfoWorld: Intel expects fourth-quarter revenue for fiscal 2008 to fall 23 percent compared to a year prior due to weaker demand for computer processors, the company said Wednesday.

The chipmaker expects fourth-quarter revenue of $8.2 billion, down 20 percent compared to the previous quarter. Intel revised its fourth-quarter expectations ahead of its scheduled earnings announcement on Jan. 15.

SanDisk Offers New SSD Solutions for Netbook Manufacturers

From DailyTech: SanDisk is one of the big players in the NAND flash market, and it cannot pass up an opportunity to cater to the exploding netbook market and need to replace hard disk drives (HDDs) with solid state drive (SSDs).

Report: Microsoft to do free Windows 7 upgrades

From InfoWorld: Microsoft Corp. will offer free or discounted Windows 7 upgrades to users who buy Vista PCs after July 1, according to a Web site that has accurately predicted the company's moves in the past.

Faster Serial ATA Coming This Year

From PC World: SATA drives now make up nearly 100 percent of the desktop and notebook PC markets, and has 30 percent penetration in the enterprise market. But the connector is still catching on in retail retail PCs and external boxes (now at over 25 percent). And E-SATA (external SATA) penetration on channel motherboards is up to 60 percent.

Sun acquires cloud company Q-layer

From CNET Sun Microsystems announced Wednesday it has acquired Q-layer, a Belgium-based cloud-computing specialist.

Q-layer's technology adds automation to both public and private clouds, allowing companies to simplify the management and deployment of data center applications. Its software will give customers greater flexibility in areas such as servers, storage, and bandwidth, Sun said.

Macworld: Apple Drops DRM For Some Songs, Introduces $0.69 Pricing Tier

From DailyTech: In addition to the usual hardware announcement during Macworld Conference & Expo, Apple also had several announcements regarding its software.

Since its release, Apple iTunes has offered songs for $0.99 -- and has done well, becoming the top online music retailer in the United States -- but will drop DRM for at least 8 million songs. The price tier will change from a single $0.99 to $0.69, $0.99, or $1.29 per music track.

ASUS Showcases Swivel Screen Eee PCs at CES

From DailyTech: For those of you who were hoping that ASUS would try to consolidate its Eee PC product family and make things a little bit easier to peruse, you may have to keep waiting. For those that were wishing that ASUS would add a tablet SKU to the product mix, you're in luck.

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