Spam Increasing Again After Shutdown of Hosting Company

From DailyTech: Security researchers who warned the shutdown of McColo Corp. would only lower spam levels for a couple of weeks were correct, as one of the largest botnets on the internet, Srizbi, has been resurrected.

After two ISPs stopped offering service to McColo about two weeks ago, global spam mail dropped 70 percent due to the shutdown.

How often do you stick with "stock" technology components?

Always, it's the way it's meant to be.
8% (13 votes)
I replace/mod/softmod/overclock the heck out of it whenever possible!
61% (94 votes)
It really depends on what the product is.
31% (48 votes)
Total votes: 155

APH Networks Reports: Lenovo customer service hell, as you've heard

Lexar Releases Inexpensive Crucial DDR3 Memory Kits

From Tom's Hardware: Lexar Media launched its new Crucial DDR3 triple-channel memory kits on Tuesday, available in 3 GB, 6 GB and 12 GB sizes. Although a little late to the scene, with prices starting at just $85.99, the new Crucial DDR3 memory kits make for very competitive offerings. Unlike many other DDR3 memory modules though, the new Crucial DDR3 kits lack a heat spreader and do not offer much in the way of eye-candy.

Intel Calls EU Antitrust Probe 'discriminatory and Partial'

From PC World: The European Union's antitrust investigation of Intel is "discriminatory and partial," the chip maker complained in an action that's detailed in a recent edition of the EU's official journal, saying it's not being permitted to properly defend itself against the charges.

Europe Yahoo chief joins exodus

From CNET Toby Coppel is expected to announce Thursday that he is stepping down from his position as executive vice president and managing director of Europe and Canada, according to a report by AllThingsD's Kara Swisher. The departure has reportedly been in the works for months and is unrelated to the recently announced resignation of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang.

Google's IPhone App Sets Trend Rebelling Against Apple's Rules

Lenovo to Allow Locking Down ThinkPad Notebooks by Text Message

From X-bit Labs: Lenovo Group plans to introduce a new feature to its ThinkPad lineup of notebooks that will allow to lock the personal computers if they are stolen or lost in order to protect sensitive information. The new feature is a yet another option of ThinkPad laptops that is likely to appeal to businesses or government organizations.

Nokia to Pull out of Japanese Handset Market

From PC World: The world's largest cell phone maker is pulling out of one of the world's biggest cellular markets. Nokia said on Thursday that it will stop developing handsets for NTT DoCoMo and Softbank Mobile, effectively ending a push that began five years ago when Nokia re-entered the Japanese market with the launch of 3G services here.

Some Sony films return to Netflix-Xbox service

From CNET Apparently Netflix and Sony have solved some of their licensing issues. An unknown number of films from Sony Pictures that disappeared last week from Netflix's streaming service for the Xbox have returned, but still no word on when the rest might be back.


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