Valve Does Sign Lanuage for HL2: E3?

From Tom's Hardware: Joystiq is reporting that Valve Software is researching sign language for the next episode (3) of Half-Life 2 by conducting a focus group with deaf individuals. The company is looking to understand the language and how it can be used in games. Valve's first use of the new sign language technology will be implemented into the backstory of Alyx as explained in this YouTube video with Gabe Newell.

Nvidia Hit By Another Charge for Faulty Graphics Chips

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. last week recorded another $119.1 million charge because of the weak packaging of certain of its graphics processing units (GPUs) and core-logic sets for mobile personal computers. The new charge brings the total sum that Nvidia paid its partners for malfunction chips to $315.1 million.

Intel, Micron announce denser, multi-bit SSD tech

From InfoWorld: Intel and Micron Technology announced Tuesday that they have developed a new 3-bit-per-cell, NAND flash memory technology using Micron's 34-nanometer lithography process.

"Fundamentally, this will reduce the overall cost of our MLC flash product," said Kevin Kilbuck, director of NAND marketing at Micron.

Adobe Flash cookies pose vexing privacy questions

From InfoWorld: Adobe's Flash program is being used on heavily trafficked Web sites to collect information on how people navigate those sites even if people believe they've restricted the data collection, according to a new study.

Will We Really See Windows 7 on Netbooks?

From PC World: Steve Ballmer has all but admitted that Windows 7 Starter Edition, to be sold on netbooks, is little more than a way to get people to upgrade to higher-priced versions of Windows 7. Is this the latest version of the time-honored strategy of bait and switch?

Computerworld's Gregg Keizer reports that Ballmer recently finally confirmed that Windows 7 Starter Edition will be available only on the most underpowered of netbooks.

Apple adds antiglare to 15-inch MacBook Pro

From CNET Apple on Tuesday added an antiglare upgrade option to its 15-inch MacBook Pro line of notebooks.

The option of an antiglare display has already been available on the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The 13-inch counterpart continues to offer only a glossy display.

First reported by AppleInsider and confirmed for CNET by Apple, the antiglare display is a $50 upgrade via Apple's online store.

Pricing for Zune HD Leaks

From DailyTech: Microsoft is set to release its latest Zune model next month and will do battle with a third-generation Apple iPod touch which will be launched at around the same time. DailyTech first reported on the Zune HD in May and now more details are surfacing about the device.

Microsoft Details Xbox Live Update, Netflix Exclusivity

From DailyTech: Microsoft frequently rolls out updates for the Xbox LIVE service that adds new features for Xbox owners. The latest update for Xbox Live is coming soon with some features set to roll out this week. Starting on August 13, Xbox owners will be available to browse and purchase Games on Demand on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Toshiba Confirms Plans for Blu-Ray Player, Laptops

From Tom's Hardware: A few weeks back there were rumors that Toshiba was going to bite the bullet and launch a Blu-ray player. The company confirmed reports this past weekend, stating that it intended to introduce products that support the Blu-ray format.

Nvidia: We Do Not Expect Loss in Our Chipset Business Next Year

From X-bit Labs: Chief executive officer of Nvidia Corp. said that the company does not expect to lose its core-logic business next year, despite of obvious obstacles on the way of the graphics company. In addition, Jen-Hsun Huang advised financial analysts to “wait for the big surprise” in the chipset-related dispute between Intel Corp. and Nvidia.


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