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Logitech Unveils G500 to Replace G5 Mouse

From Tom's Hardware: For Logitech faithful, the G5 was one of the best gaming mice in the company's lineup. Today Logitech launched the successor to the G5, the G500, with an upgraded laser sensor.

Logitech says that the G500 can sense a maximum hand speed of 165 inches per second (ips) and a maximum acceleration force of 30 g's. Users can also adjust dpi on-the-fly from 200 dpi to 5700 dpi.

Elpida Enters Graphics Memory Business, Acquires Technologies from Qimonda

From X-bit Labs: Elpida Memory, the only dynamic random access memory (DRAM) maker from Japan, on Thursday announced that it reached an agreement with Germany-based Qimonda AG, which is now in insolvency proceedings, to acquire Qimonda technology licenses and a portion of the design assets related to graphics double data rate (GDDR) memory. Initially Elpida will outsources production to Winbond, but eventually the firm plans to make GDDR5 at its own plant in Japan.

AMD Unveils OpenCL Development Platform for x86 Central Processing Units

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices this week released beta version of OpenCL development platform that takes advantage of x86 central processing units (CPUs). The company already offers beta version of its ATI Stream platform that relies on graphics processing units (GPUs). AMD hopes that early release of x86-based OpenCL development platform will encourage software makers to tailor their applications for AMD’s processors.

Adobe Reader's security woes a boon for up-and-coming rival Foxit

From InfoWorld: Foxit Reader, a free PDF-reading knockoff of Adobe Systems' free Adobe Reader, has won what its maker estimates is 70 million users worldwide because of its speed and light weight.

The latest version of Foxit Reader 3.0 for Windows is a svelte 3MB download, compared with Adobe Reader 9.1 for Windows, which tips the scales at 25MB.

And Foxit now has something else going for it: better security.

Sex Offender Locator App Pulled

From PC World: Apple booted another popular app today from its iPhone App Store and it appears it did the right thing.

The iPhone application Offender Locator, designed to locate sexual offenders, has been deleted from the App Store and the reasons for its disappearance are uncertain. But some have it that Apple is merely complying with California state laws prohibiting the sale of criminal information for a profit.

Nvidia loss reflects lingering chip defect issue

From CNET Nvidia on Thursday posted a smaller loss than the year-earlier period but the graphics chip supplier is still grappling with costs related to a chip defect first addressed by the company last July.

Shares of the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company were up in after-hours trading.

Nvidia reported a second-quarter loss of $105.3 million, or 19 cents a share, better than the year-earlier period when it posted a loss of $120.9 million, or 22 cents a share.

Hackers Attack Facebook, Twitter

From DailyTech: Hackers attacked popular social networking sites Twitter and Facebook Thursday in what appeared to be a coordinated attack. The website for the White House was attacked in a similar fashion in early July.

Windows' Sinofsky Personally Responds About the Win 7 RTM Bug, More Details

From DailyTech: There's a big new bug in Windows 7, a memory leak found in the Windows 7 RTM. While it takes a somewhat specific -- though not entirely uncommon -- sequence of commands to trigger, it can hog all the system's memory and reportedly has crashed some systems -- even producing, reportedly, the infamous blue screen of death.

Blizzard's StarCraft II Delayed Big Time

From Tom's Hardware: This afternoon Blizzard announced that the first installment of StarCraft II--entitled Wings of Liberty--will not hit retail stores at the end of the year as originally reported. In fact, the game is now slated for the first half of 2010. The company blames the game's delay on the upgrading process for, saying that it's taken longer than expected to prepare the revamped service.


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