Intel to Disclose Additional Details About Westmere Processors Next Month

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. said that it would disclose additional details about its next-generation microprocessors code-named Westmere next month at the Intel Developer Forum 2009. The world’s largest maker of chips is expected to reveal details about new security capabilities of the forthcoming chips.

Advanced Micro Devices Rumoured to Make Chips in Russia

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second largest designer of x86 central processing units, is reportedly in talks with state-owned Rusnano company over a semiconductor manufacturing joint-venture in the Russian Federation. The details of the project are somewhat shady to say at least since the amount of investments that Rusnano is ready to provide is by far lower than the cost of a leading-edge chip fab.

Nokia Netbook Signals More Mobile Market Convergence

From PC World: First Nokia blended the mobile device and computer experience with its Microsoft partnership. Nokia's entrance into the netbook market with the introduction of the Booklet 3G is just another step that blurs the line (or muddies the water) between computers and mobile devices.

Microsoft alters Windows 7 pricing for Europe

From CNET Microsoft said Monday that it plans in a week to end an offer that allowed those buying Windows 7 in Europe to get the full version of the operating system for the price normally charged for the upgrade version.

Apple to ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard Aug. 28

From CNET Apple will ship its newest operating system to customers a little earlier than expected. The company said Monday that Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be available this Friday, August 28.

Apple made it clear from the beginning that Snow Leopard was not as much about adding new features as it was about refining the code in the operating system.

Panasonic Prepares Push for 3DTV

From DailyTech: Panasonic hopes to build up hype for 3DTV, this time announcing an agreement with "Titanic" director James Cameron, who will help promote 3D TVs in Japan and across the world.

Microsoft Doesn't Deny Xbox 360 Has 54.2 Percent Lifetime Failure Rate

From DailyTech: Last week, GameInformer released a survey of 5,000 gamers that claimed the Xbox 360 console had a failure rate of 54.2, and a secondary failure rate much higher than that of other consoles. The survey looked at the entire run of the Microsoft console -- so it isn't necessarily representative of Microsoft's latest less-failure-prone version of the console.

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Nokia Set to Make Netbooks – Chief Executive

From X-bit Labs: Nokia Corp., the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, is interested in making netbooks, the ultra low-cost personal computers, according to its chief executive officer. The claim is hardly a surprise, considering the fact that Nokia signed a pact with Intel Corp., the globe’s largest maker of chips for computers.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon to fight Google book deal

From InfoWorld: Microsoft, and Yahoo plan to join a consortium to fight a proposed settlement Google has made with authors and publishers over its Google Book Search service, according to a report published in The New York Times.

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