New Attack Compromises Apple Keyboards

From DailyTech: No one wants to get their computer hacked or infected with viruses. For a long time, Windows PCs were the only real target of hackers and nefarious users, but as Apple Mac computers have become more popular hacks for these systems are now becoming more common.

A new hack that was demonstrated at DEFCON 2009 doesn't attack the software of Apple computers, rather it attacks the hardware.

Firefox Hits Landmark 1 Billion Downloads, Seizes 32 Percent of the Market

From DailyTech: Thanks to a strong release of Firefox 3.5, with millions of copies download in under a day, Mozilla has reached a major landmark in its quest to bring a free third-party full-standards browser to the masses. Firefox reached 1 billion downloads on Friday.

Affiliates News: The Canadian Long Weekend Edition Eh

Is Wireless-N good enough to replace wired networking at home?

Yes -- no point in going wired anymore!
18% (25 votes)
For average household, yes. But it won't work for all.
64% (88 votes)
No -- wired all the way, yo.
18% (25 votes)
Total votes: 138

TSMC’s 40nm Yields Improved to 60% - Company

From X-bit Labs: Morris Chang, the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, said during a conference in Taipei, Taiwan, said that yield rate of the company’s 40nm manufacturing process is now considerably higher than it was earlier this year. This is a good news for TSMC’s customers who can now deliver their products in higher volumes.

Firefox to hit 1 billion downloads Friday

From InfoWorld: The Firefox Web browser is fast approaching its billionth download and is likely to hit that milestone some time on Friday.

Mozilla has a Web site and a Twitter feed where people can keep track of the total. On Thursday afternoon, the feed showed more than 999,180,000 downloads, with about 15 more happening each second.

Adobe Patches 12 Flash Bugs, 3 Caused by Microsoft

From PC World: Adobe on Thursday patched 12 vulnerabilities in Flash Player, including three it inherited from faulty Microsoft development code and one that hackers have been exploiting for at least a week.

In a security advisory published Thursday afternoon, Adobe briefly spelled out the dozen vulnerabilities, 10 that were pegged as potentially leading to hijacked systems or with hackers executing their own malware on a machine.

Report: iRiver Plans Android iPod Touch Rival, E-Book Reader, Web Tablet

From PC World: Some exciting details of iRiver's possible upcoming product range have leaked online due to an Australian-based product dealer. reports that the local product manager outlined details of an Android-based device, possibly called the K2, that would go head-to-head with Apple's iPod Touch. The K2 would have a 3.5 inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, a built in Web browser, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and maybe even a digital TV tuner.

Update: Intel Confirms SSD Data Corruption Issue, Suspends Shipments Pending Firmware Update

From DailyTech: A lot of excitement and demand has been built up for Intel's second generation SSDs which use 34nm NAND flash chips produced through a joint venture with Micron. There is a slight reduction in latency, but the big news at launch was the massive price cuts that Intel was introducing.

However, Intel has confirmed that it is delaying shipments of its new SSDs due to a data corruption issue affecting all of the new drives.

Nikon Unveils D300S and D3000 D-SLR Cameras

From DailyTech: Nikon has announced new D-SLR cameras today including the new D300S and the D3000. The D3000 D-SLR from Nikon is hailed as the simplest and most accessible D-SLR to date. The camera is a D-SLR for those who just want to use automatic settings, which seems contrary to the reason for buying a D-SLR to begin with.


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