Ballmer on Bing, the economy and more

From CNET Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off his speech Thursday talking about the economy, though he also plans to show off Microsoft's revamped search engine within minutes.

Dell Unveils Studio 14z Notebook

From DailyTech: DisplaySearch reported recently that netbooks have grabbed 20% of the global notebook market. Despite the fact that netbook sales are booming, there is still a market for notebook computers -- especially those with lower price tags.

BioShock 2 Dated for November 3 Release

From Tom's Hardware: For many gamers, BioShock was the game of the year for 2008. Despite being released in a particularly slow time of the year (summer) BioShock stuck as being one of the best shooters on the PC, Xbox 360 and eventually the PS3.

Of course, any good game demands a sequel and Take-Two Interactive today announced during a financial conference call that BioShock 2 will hit North American gamers on November 3. Europe will get it a bit earlier, hitting October 30.

Twitter gets targeted again by worm-like phishing attack

From InfoWorld: Twitter users have been tricked into divulging their login and password details to a Web site that then spammed their contacts.

The culprit is a Web site called TwitterCut. Some Twitter users began getting a message that appeared to be from one of their friends and included a link to the TwitterCut Web site. The message implied they could gain more Twitter contacts by following the link.

Apple Quietly Bumps White MacBook Specs

From PC World: The $999 MacBook may not feature the same swank aluminum togs as its older siblings, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't get its share of the family love. On Wednesday, Apple marginally bumped the specs on the base configuration, giving customers a little more bang for their sub-thousand bucks.

Microsoft confirms Zune HD coming this fall

From CNET Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed its plans to take on the iPod Touch with a new, touch-screen Zune that will be able to surf the Web, play high-definition movies, and tune in to digital radio.

Intel Previews Eight-Core Nehalem-EX Xeon Servers

From DailyTech: Intel launched its Xeon 5500 series of server CPUs using Nehalem architecture at the end of March. Using lessons learned from the Core i7, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer managed to achieve impressive performance gains while cutting power consumption dramatically. Sales have been impressive, and the company expects that it will account for 50% of all dual socket (2S) server sales by August.

ASUS Offers Bold Growth Predictions

From DailyTech: The netbook is a massive success thanks in part to the current global economic recession. Consumers with less cash to spend are looking to the low cost netbooks rather than full notebook computers. Virtually every computer maker is now offering a netbook computer, the lone holdout is Apple.

Intel Projected to Release Core i5 Microprocessors in September

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. plans to release its next-generation performance-mainstream microprocessors code-named Lynnfield in September this year, which is considerably later compared to the original schedule. The delay is believed to be a result of the global financial slump.

32GB iPhone looking more likely


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