Sony Unveils VAIO W Netbook

From DailyTech: Netbooks are still burning up the computer sales charts as consumers continue to buy the small machines for their low price tags and portability. Most major computer makers now offer a netbook, but Apple still holding out.

Earlier this year, Sony announced its VAIO P “not-a-netbook” with a slightly elevated price tag compared to the competition. Today, Sony has announced a new VAIO W computer that it will actually admit is a netbook.

Google Apps shed beta label

From CNET Google Apps have all grown up.

No longer must Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Talk carry the beta tag of shame; they are all now full-fledged members of the Google family of products. Google has been hinting this was coming over the past few months, but is finally ready to make the official announcement along with the news that Fairchild Semiconductor has decided to embrace Google's suite of Web-based office productivity applications.

Chrome's new-tab page gets more interactive

From CNET Opening a new tab in a browser is a moment ripe with opportunity, and Google has begun testing a version of Chrome that can present new options when users do so.

Seagate May Delay Own Solid-State Drives Till 2011, Claim Analysts

From X-bit Labs: Seagate Technology, the world’s largest maker of hard disk drives, may delay introduction of its solid-state drives to 2011 because of the issues with relationships between LSI Corp. and Seagate. According to analysts from Pacific Crest Securities, Seagate will have to utilize SSD controllers from other makers, which will delay the release of actual products rather tangibly.

Qimonda Sells Manufacturing Equipment – Liquidation Begins

From X-bit Labs: After not finding an investor eager to acquire the whole company, Qimonda AG has appointed several companies to sell 300mm production equipment from the firm’s manufacturing facilities in Germany and the USA. This may easily mean that the company does not have hope to start its production operations again.

Microsoft confirms attacks against IE6, IE7

From InfoWorld: For the second time in six weeks, Microsoft today confirmed that hackers are exploiting an unpatched bug in DirectX, this time by attacking Internet Explorer (IE).

The company's security team issued an advisory Monday acknowledging reports of in-the-wild attacks and providing more information about who is vulnerable.

Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta: New Features, Some Glitches

From PC World: The just-released beta of Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2010 is more notable for what's under the hood than what you actually see. However, if you're planning to try it out, you'd better not do it on your main PC -- this is not only a beta release, but a temporary one as well. Currently, the installed beta says that it is good for only 14 days.

Nvidia's past drives reports about Apple

From CNET A report claiming that Nvidia has been ousted from Apple laptop designs has gained prominence quickly because the graphics chip supplier is still dogged by past problems.

"The word is that Nvidia is out of Apple designs," according to a June 26 report from technology Web site SemiAccurate. The report has been cited widely with varying degrees of credence given to it.

Apple Places Massive Camera Module Order

From DailyTech: Almost as soon as Apple announces new products, the rumors of future products start cropping up creating a never-ending cycle. Apple finally proved rumors true when it announced a new iPhone last month and the first rumors of new fall product launches are now appearing.

Microsoft Pulls IE8 Vomit Ad

From DailyTech: Microsoft has received negative criticism for a recent Internet Explorer 8 advertisement that has led the software giant to remove the ad from its website.


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