A Closer Look at Intel's "Nehalem"-based Xeon 5500 Series

From DailyTech: Intel has unveiled its latest Xeon series of CPUs for servers and workstations. The Xeon 5500 series was formerly codenamed Nehalem-EP (Efficient Performance), and is related to the Nehalem CPUs used in Core i7 desktops.

Netflix Hikes Blu-ray Rental Price by 20 Percent

From DailyTech: For many years, renting a movie meant driving to your local video store looking for the film you want to watch. Today we have several alternatives to driving to the movie store including streaming rentals and mail order rentals via Netflix and similar companies.

Microsoft Settles With TomTom in Infringement Suit

OCZ Technology Officially Launches “Do-It-Yourself” Neutrino Netbook

From X-bit Labs: OCZ Technology, a leading supplier of premium memory and flash products as well as other computer gear, on Monday officially launched its Neutrino netbook aimed at “do-it-yourself” users who want maximum customization. While OCZ Neutrino does offer opportunities to tailor a netbook for personal needs, it offers little interest for multimedia and performance enthusiasts since it is based on the year-old first-generation Intel Atom platform.

Sun confirms 1,500 job cuts this week

From InfoWorld: Sun Microsystems is laying off about 1,500 employees this week in a follow-up to a restructuring plan announced a few months ago, the company confirmed Monday.

The cuts include a portion of Sun's customer-facing staff, including direct sales and professional services employees, according to a research note from Wedge Partners, a financial analyst company. Such a move would make Sun more reliant on channel partners to sell its products.

Sony Cuts PlayStation 2 Price by 25 Percent

From PC World: Sony is cutting the price of its PlayStation 2 console by almost 25 percent in both Europe and North America, the company said Tuesday.

The console, which has just begun its tenth year on retail shelves, will cost €100 (US$133) and US$100 from Wednesday. It previously cost €130 and US$130.

Adobe partnership makes Facebook's platform Flash-ier

From CNET News.com: Facebook has partnered with Adobe Systems to make it easier for developers to bring its Flash technology to their social apps, the two companies have announced. Adobe has introduced a new ActionScript 3.0 client library to provide resources to developers who are using Flash on Facebook's developer platform and Facebook Connect product, and will be promoting the possibilities of integrating Flash with Facebook's API on its Web site.

NVIDIA Launches New Quadro GPU Line with SLI Multi-OS

From DailyTech: NVIDIA makes graphics cards and GPUs that are aimed at two broad categories of users groups -- the professional user and the consumer. Among the offerings for the consumer are the mainstream basic GPUs up to the flagship gamer oriented parts. The company is big in graphics for professionals like CAD and graphics design users as well.

Opera Mobile 9.7 Set to Put Mobile Competitors to Shame

From DailyTech: Even the most able of mobile browser often leave their users with significant woes. According to early reviews those browsers -- which include the likes of Mobile Safari, RIM's browser, and Internet Explorer Mobile -- have been served notice by Opera Mobile 9.7

Western Digital Enters the SSD Race

From Tom's Hardware: Up until this point, major HDD manufacturers, save for Samsung, seemed reluctant to start making SSDs. Instead, you saw drives coming out left and right from companies that had never made storage devices in any significant capacity--USB drives don't count.


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