Production Cost of Blu-Ray Player to Drop to $50 in 2010 – Taiwan Manufacturers

From X-bit Labs: Optical disc drive (ODD) manufacturers from Taiwan expect production cost of a Blu-ray disc (BD) player to drop to $50 next year. This is likely to lead to emergence of inexpensive BD players and accelerated transition to the new format by the mainstream consumers.

Google improves Flash search and indexing

From InfoWorld: Google has enhanced its search engine's capacity to index Adobe's Flash files, which are very popular on the Web but tricky for search engine spiders.

Google's search engine can now index external content that a Flash file loads, such as text, HTML, XML or Flash content itself, the company said Friday.

The Google search engine will also tie the indexed Flash file to this externally loaded content and the documents from where it comes, Google said.

T-Mobile myTouch Misses Android's Potential

From PC World: T-Mobile's introduction of its second Google phone, called the myTouch, points out the differences between the three leading operating systems in this summer of smartphones. It also points out why--in releasing this "too little, too late" device--T-Mobile is an also-ran.

IPhone Buyers Experience Activation Woes, Apple Issues $30 Credits

Activision CEO Calls for PS3 Price Cuts

From DailyTech: The video game industry is feeling the burn of the poor economy as game sales and console sales are slowing for some companies. A few smaller game developers have been forced out of business altogether and many in the game industry are calling on Sony to cut the price of its PS3 console.

Are you up for SSDs yet?

Yeah yo, 2 in RAID 0!
18% (30 votes)
Yep, using them very carefully though.
20% (34 votes)
Nah, it doesn't justify at the moment.
62% (103 votes)
Total votes: 167

Samsung Unveils 32GB DDR3 Memory Modules

From X-bit Labs: Samsung Electronics has unveiled the world’s first memory modules that carry 32GB of DDR3 memory. The devices are aimed at servers and enable never before seen memory capacities. For example, a dual-processor Intel Xeon 5500-series machine can be potentially equipped with hundreds of gigabytes of memory.

The Palm Pre is out. So where's the SDK?

From InfoWorld: Palm's answer to the much-celebrated Apple iPhone, the Palm Pre, was released on June 6 via a partnership with Sprint. But it still remains to be seen when a software development kit will be generally available to leverage capabilities in the device.

IPhone 3.0 Update Fixes 46 Security Flaws

From PC World: Forty-six security holes have been patched with this week's iPhone 3.0 software download patches, Apple says.

Sony beefs up Blu-ray strategy

From CNET Even as Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray player sales are growing, Sony is looking to build out its larger strategy surrounding the company's high-definition disc products.

At a small press event here Thursday, the company introduced a new feature of BD-Live and a new piece of Blu-ray hardware.


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