European antitrust regulators to review Oracle-Sun deal

From InfoWorld: The European Commission plans to release its first opinion on Oracle's proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems on Sept. 3.

The European Commission was notified about the deal on July 30, and it will now be looked at under the European Union Merger Regulation, according to a spokeswoman.

The Commission has an initial period of 25 working days to decide if it can clear the deal or if it needs to open a 90-day in-depth investigation, she said via e-mail.

Google Chrome Gets Data Sync Features

From PC World: To further its quest for world (or at least could computing) domination, Google is adding new features to Google Chrome that will synchronize user data using a Google Account. The first feature that will use this framework is bookmark synchronization. Tim Steele released details on the Chromium developers group.

1TB SSD Drive Coming Soon, for a Price

From PC World: Memory maker OCZ has confirmed it will launch a new 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) that will fit 3.5-inch drive slots later this month. Various gadget sites have been reporting on the rumors of the launch, and now the company confirmed that the 1TB Colossus SSD drive will be available in mid-August. Also confirmed: the drive will cost a whopping $2,200.

PayPal suffers from e-commerce outage

From CNET PayPal suffered a global outage and slow performance Monday, but eBay said its online payment system is mostly back in working order.

"About an hour ago, PayPal started experiencing site issues that affected the ability to send and receive money. We have all hands on deck to get this fixed," said PayPal spokesman Anuj Nayar in a blog post about noon PDT. "We're really sorry for the inconvenience."

Twitter warms up malware filter

From CNET Twitter's new malware filter is a sign the social media site is stepping up efforts to stem attacks, but the measure has its shortcomings, say security experts.

Twitter's filtering mechanism was highlighted by Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of F-Secure, in a blog post Monday. When a user tries to submit a tweet with a suspect Web link, the following warning appears:

"Oops! Your tweet contained a URL to a known malware site!"

Win 7 Upgrade Anytime, Family Pack Pricing

From Tom's Hardware: Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc updated the official Windows Blog with a new post detailing the Windows Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack pricing. As LeBlanc points out, most consumers purchase new PCs with a preinstalled version that suits their needs, however over time those needs may change, hence Microsoft's Anytime Upgrade plan. Here's the pricing list, indicating the cost of upgrading from one version of Windows 7 to another:

Browserless Windows 7 E Edition Likely Canceled

From Tom's Hardware: Last week we learned of Microsoft's proposal to the EU for a browser ballot screen where users will be able to choose which browser they'd wish to have installed and default on the system.

The European Commission seemed to be accepting on the idea, which now has Microsoft feeling comfortable enough to axe plans for a special version of Windows 7 for the European market that includes no browser, called Windows 7 E.

Sony PlayStation 3 Now Costs Around $250 to Manufacture – Company

From X-bit Labs: Chief financial officer of Sony Corp. said during the company’s conference call with financial analysts that manufacturing cost of Sony PlayStation 3 has dropped by 70% since the introduction. This may mean that production cost of the PS3 is now about $250 and Sony may be actually making money selling the hardware, thus, may consider a price-cut.

Apple accused of hushing up exploding iPod Touch claims

From InfoWorld: Apple attempted to silence a father and 11-year old daughter with a gagging order reports The Times newspaper after an iPod Touch allegedly burst into flames.

The Times reports Apple would only offer the family a full refund only if they were willing to sign a settlement form. The proposed agreement left them open to legal action if they ever disclosed the terms of the settlement claims the newspaper.

OpenGL 3.2 Released

From PC World: The Khronos Group, the industry consortium responsible for the care and feeding of the OpenGL graphics standard, on Monday announced the release of OpenGL 3.2.

The new release adds features to improve performance, quality, accelerated geometry processing and easier portability of applications originally made using Direct3D, the opposing standard included in Windows as part of Microsoft's DirectX API suite.


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