Zero-day flaw found in Firefox 3.5

From CNET There is a critical JavaScript vulnerability in the Firefox 3.5 Web browser, Mozilla has warned.

The zero-day flaw lies in Firefox 3.5's Just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compiler. Proof-of-concept code to exploit the vulnerability has been posted online by a security research group, Mozilla said in a post on its security blog on Wednesday. Security company Secunia rated the vulnerability as "highly critical" on Wednesday.

Facebook hits a quarter billion users

From CNET Least surprising news of the day: Facebook has officially grown to 250 million active users across the world, according to a post on the company blog by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Discounted Win 7 on Sept. 1, for Businesses

From Tom's Hardware: We've all marked October 22 as the day Windows 7 hits general availability, but for businesses with volume licenses, the release of the new OS will hit on September 1.

Globalfoundries Claims 300mm Fabs Are Enough for Modern Chips

From X-bit Labs: Globalfoundries, one of the leading contract semiconductor makers, said that 300mm chip factories still have a lot of potential. The company claims that it does not make sense to transit to 450mm wafers and change loads of manufacturing equipment since modern semiconductor factories can still be improved.

Microsoft customers face licensing hurdle to online apps

From InfoWorld: Microsoft promoted more of its Web-based software offerings at its Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans this week, but some analysts say the company's enterprise licensing terms provide little incentive for large customers to move away from its on-premise products.

Kindles Crack, Amazon Sued

From PC World: Those who opted for a $30 protective case with the e-reader are reportedly seeing the Kindle itself crack under pressure, and one customer is suing Amazon for his troubles.

End of an era for Office 2000

From CNET Support for Microsoft Office 2000 finally ended on Tuesday, 10 years after the productivity suite was launched.

Office 2000 had mainstream support until mid-2004, when its extended support period began. It is that extended support period that has now ended, according to Microsoft's road map for the product.

Rambus Allegations Against NVIDIA Rejected

From DailyTech: Rambus and NVIDIA have been fighting a legal battle in court over alleged patent infringement by NVIDIA. Rambus filed suit against NVIDIA in June alleging that technology having to do with memory circuits in NVIDIA GPUs infringed on 17 different Rambus held patents.

NVIDIA general counsel David Shannon said in a statement, "[The patent office] has now initially rejected all of the patent claims asserted by Rambus against NVIDIA in the ITC."

Google Voice App Comes to Blackberry, Android

From DailyTech: Google is steadily rolling out all sorts of new products and offerings and is doing well at turning itself from a search firm to a company that competes with Microsoft on many levels from software to email.

Intel Clarksfield Chips Could Launch Late Sept

From Tom's Hardware: According to Digitimes, Intel's next-generation chips for notebooks, codenamed Clarksfield, CPUs will debut around the end of September and October in the flavors of Core 2 Extreme XE at 2 GHz, Core 2 Quad P2 at 1.73 GHz and Core 2 Quad P1 at 1.6 GHz.

Of course, those names are subject to change, especially since Intel said that all Clarksfield mobile chips would carry the Core i7 moniker.


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