Mozilla Disputes Bit9's Claim That Firefox is "Most Vulnerable App"

From DailyTech: A recent security study from Bit9 argued that Mozilla's Firefox was the most vulnerable application and thus a major threat to businesses. One of the chief reasons it gave was the lack of a large-network patching system. For this reason, despite recent security flaws, it did not consider Microsoft's Internet Explorer software, as it assumed that such a patching system dramatically lowered vulnerability.

Apple: No Jobs keynote at Macworld '09

From InfoWorld: n a move likely to spark renewed questions about CEO Steve Jobs ' health, Apple late Tuesday said that the keynote speech at next month's Macworld Conference & Expo will be delivered by Philip Schiller, the company's senior product marketing executive.

Apple also announced that it will no longer exhibit at the San Francisco event, which runs Jan. 5-9, after next month's show.

Firefox Issues Eight Patches for Web Browser

From PC World: Mozilla has issued eight patches for its Firefox Web browser, three of which fix problems classified as critical.

The patches come after security experts have recommended using a browser other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 and older versions of IE due to a dangerous vulnerability. Microsoft is due to release an emergency patch for that problem Wednesday.

Yahoo to purge user data after 90 days

From CNET Yahoo said Wednesday that it will makes its user logs anonymous within 90 days as it ups the ante on data retention policies.

In a statement, Yahoo said it would also make user data on page views, page clicks, ad views and ad clicks anonymous as well as its user logs. The only exceptions would be for "fraud, security and legal obligations."

Semiconductor Industry Sales to Drop 16% in 2009

From DailyTech: More doom and gloom is in store for the semiconductor industry as the economy shows no signs of getting better and many analysts predict things are going to get worse yet.

Gartner Inc. released a statement today that shows global semiconductor sales will decline by 16% in 2009 thanks to the economic slowdown, which has led to decreased consumer spending and decrease in orders from manufacturers.

Apple pushes out critical Mac OS X security patches

From InfoWorld: Apple has released a major set of security patches for its Mac OS X operating system, fixing a number of critical flaws in the software.

IPhone 3G Being Sold Unlocked in Taiwan

From PC World: The iPhone 3G debuted last week in Taiwan, where Apple is partnered with the country's largest mobile operator, Chunghwa Telecom. However, despite claims to the contrary by Chunghwa, that relationship may not be entirely exclusive.

Rumor has Apple updating Mac Mini

From CNET Apple will announce a long-overdue upgrade to its Mac Mini during the Macworld Expo next month, according to a report.

The report was attributed to an alleged corporate employee at Apple who wished to remain anonymous--"to keep his job," Wired noted. While he was apparently comfortable disclosing that a new desktop would be announced in January, he balked at disclosing any other details.

OCZ Unveils Flash Drive with eSATA Connectivity

From DailyTech: USB flash drives have been on the market for a long time and external hard drives have been available for a long time that use the faster eSATA port for higher performance. What hasn’t been available is a product that takes the small form factor for a typical flash drive and combines it with the faster eSATA connectivity option.

Microsoft sees 'huge increase' in IE attacks

From InfoWorld: Microsoft warned Saturday of a "huge increase" in attacks exploiting a critical unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE), and said some originated from hacked pornography sites.

Other researchers confirmed that attacks were increasingly coming from compromised Web sites.


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