Globalfoundries Enters Joint-Development Agreement for High-Capacity Cache Technology

From X-bit Labs: Globalfoundries, a joint-venture between Advanced Micro Devices and Advanced Technology Investment Company, on Tuesday said that it had agreed to work with T-RAM Semiconductor on Thyristor-RAM embedded memory technologies for advanced fabrication processes. The move will enable customers of Globalfoundries to enjoy the benefits of Thyristor-RAM for caches and other rapid memory blocks of their chips.

HP revenue drops, layoffs planned

From InfoWorld: Computer industry bellwether Hewlett-Packard reported a 3 percent drop in revenue as its major lines of business continued to be hammered by the global recession.

Microsoft's Next-Gen Search Engine Kumo Expected Next Week

Google dribbles out PowerMeter smart-grid service

From CNET Google has signed on smart-meter manufacturer Itron and eight utilities to offer Google's PowerMeter Web service for monitoring home energy use.

PowerMeter reads a home's electricity meter and gives the consumer a detailed readout of usage. The idea is that a better understanding of electricity usage--presented via daily trends and data on individual appliances--will help people figure out how to cut consumption.

NTT DoCoMo Unveils Japan’s First Google Android Phone

From DailyTech: As part of its summer lineup of new phones, NTT DoCoMo has unveiled Japan’s first Google Android phone: the HT-03A. The phone, which is part of NTT DoCoMo’s “Pro” series, will allow you to access a variety of Google services such as the search engine, Gmail, the Google Street View service, Picasa, and video service YouTube. The touchscreen phone is manufactured by Taiwan manufacturer HTC and will go on sale in June or July.

NVIDIA Says Intel Atom Pricing is Unfair

From DailyTech: The competition between Intel and NVIDIAis fierce with both companies fighting for the integrated GPU market in notebook and desktop computers. Intel holds the largest portion of the GPU market in netbooks, while NVIDIA sits in the second place spot and holds the majority of the discrete GPU market.

Intel to detail 8-core server chip

From CNET Intel is expected to announce details of an 8-core processor for the high-end server market next week.

The chip itself will not actually ship in systems until late 2009 or early 2010.

The 8-core "Nehalem-EX" Xeon processor is designed for servers that can use more than two processors (referred to as "sockets" in server argot). Currently, Intel is shipping Nehalem Xeon processors for servers with two sockets.

Google testing HR algorithm

From CNET Google thinks it will be able to tell which of its employees are going to quit, maybe even before they know.

Nvidia Accuses Intel of Unfair Competition

From X-bit Labs: Chief executive officer and president of leading graphics chip supplier Nvidia Corp. said in an interview that while Intel does not only sell its Atom processors only bundled with chipsets, pricing of Atom microprocessors still forces computer makers to acquire chips bundled with core-logic sets.

Sprint will launch Palm Pre on June 6

From InfoWorld: The Palm Pre will be available in the U.S. on June 6 for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement and after a $100 mail-in rebate, Sprint announced on Tuesday.


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