Microsoft Aims Windows Embedded at Smartbooks

From PC World: Microsoft plans to use Windows Embedded to combat rival operating systems in smartbooks and a number of other devices meant to always be connected to the Internet that Microsoft calls CIDs, or consumer Internet devices.

Google's CEO Talks About Chrome Netbooks, Apple Board Seat

From DailyTech: Google CEO Eric Schmidt is no stranger to controversy. Heading the world's most powerful internet corporation, he has taken on everyone from Bill Gates to newspaper moguls without breaking a sweat.

Two-Thirds of Businesses Still Without Windows 7 Adoption Plans

From DailyTech: In the consumer sector Windows 7 looks set for success. With fast-paced pre-order sales in the U.S. wrapped up, the OS looks to storm onto desktops and laptops everywhere this fall (October 22, to be precise).

Do you actually trust advice given by a retail salesperson?

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Total votes: 135

APH Networks Reviews: Thermaltake Element G

APH Networks Reports: Thermaltake Litepower 450W

Cisco charts new path with Eos media platform

From InfoWorld: It's well-known that Cisco has been branching out from its core business of selling routers and switches, but in an open-plan office overlooking San Francisco's up-and-coming Mission Bay district, the networking monolith is venturing into areas that are ambitious even for one of technology's most aggressive acquisition machines.

Twitter suspends accounts of users with infected computers

From InfoWorld: Twitter is suspending the accounts of some users whose computers have fallen victim to a well-known piece of malicious software that has targeted other sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Microsoft Shows Silverlight 3

From PC World: Seeking an edge in the crowded rich Internet application technology space, Microsoft is officially launching on Friday its Silverlight 3 platform, featuring offline capabilities for running applications outside of a browser and improvements in areas like 3D.

Dell May Test Google's Chrome OS

From PC World: Dell on Friday said it would consider testing Google's upcoming Chrome operating system, but didn't commit to offering the Linux-based OS in future products.

"Dell constantly assesses new technologies as part of managing our product development process and for consideration in future products," company spokesman David Frink said in an e-mail.


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