Microsoft, Yahoo Square Off Again

From DailyTech: Yahoo and Microsoft have had a very tumultuous relationship. Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo but it and Yahoo were unable to come to an agreement that would merge the two companies. Microsoft ultimately tried a hostile takeover of the company that failed and the end result was that Microsoft walked away from the deal.

Device you most frequently use for taking photos:

Cell phone
35% (44 votes)
Compact camera
43% (54 votes)
22% (28 votes)
Total votes: 126

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Intel’s Six-Core Desktop Microprocessors Still Scheduled on Q2 2010 – Sources

From X-bit Labs: Even though there have been rather optimistic predictions regarding the release of six-core central processing unit code-named “Gulftown” this year, the launch of the chips is still scheduled on the second quarter of 2010.

Based on the documents seen by X-bit labs, quad-core Intel Core i7 975 processor will be the hill of desktop computing from Intel till the second quarter of 2009, when the code-named Gulftown processor is set to be unveiled.

AMD Ships Its 500 Millionth x86 Microprocessor

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday announced the shipment of its 500 millionth x86 processor, a milestone enabled by the company's 40 years of successful operations. Back in the days, AMD’s processor only enabled simplistic personal computers, but today AMD’s chips can be found inside complex servers or super-computers.

Palm webOS gains enterprise features

From InfoWorld: Palm has released a webOS update for the Pre smartphone that features expanded support for Exchange Active Sync policies, a change aimed at enterprise users.

Version 1.1 also tweaks the way webOS works with Facebook and Google contacts, notifies you when you receive a communication in any medium from someone in your contacts list, and adds a new gesture to move quickly forward through open Web pages.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Apologizes for Removing Digital Books

From PC World: In an era when corporate CEOs are urged by consultants to quickly apologize for mistakes,'s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has taken that advice to heart.

In an extraordinary blog posted yesterday, Bezos apologized for Amazon's handling of illegally sold copies of George Orwell's 1984 and other novels on the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

Apple forces Microsoft to change Laptop Hunter ad

From CNET According to AdAge Microsoft has actually made changes to one of the Laptop Hunter ads.

It's the one featuring Lauren, the aspiring law student, and her mom, who claimed that Lauren usually gets what she wants.

In the original version of the ad, Lauren, who wants to spend a maximum of $1,700 on her computing dreams, offered this competing statement: "This Mac is $2,000, and that's before adding anything."

Microsoft Posts First Annual Calendar Sales Drop in Its History

From DailyTech: Microsoft's track record of late has been mixed. While its Xbox 360 sells relatively well and has an excellent game-attach rate, it is still overshadowed in total sales by the Nintendo Wii. Microsoft's Zune has failed to generate significant market share, but it has managed to develop a small but loyal following and a significant amount of hype over its upcoming OLED touchscreen model.

Palm Foils Apple's Plans, Pre Can Now Sync With iTunes


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