Apple patching serious SMS vulnerability on iPhone

From InfoWorld: Apple is working to fix an iPhone vulnerability that could allow an attacker to remotely install and run unsigned software code with root access to the phone.

Mozilla Slates First Firefox 3.5 Patch

From PC World: Mozilla will patch the just-released Firefox 3.5 in the next few weeks to stamp out several bugs that went unfixed in the final version of the browser, the company said Tuesday.

Unlocking the unlocked cell phone market

From CNET Nokia and Sony Ericsson are targeting the U.S. with a new set of unlocked phones. But without hefty carrier subsidies, will they ever be able to crack the U.S. market?

There is no question that when it comes to features, Nokia and Sony Ericsson's new U.S.-ready phones can easily compete against the hottest new phones on the market.

PCs with USB 3.0 to be Available Before 2010

From DailyTech: News reports from Asia indicate PCs with USB 3.0 will be shipping to consumers before the end of 2009.

USB 3.0, with speeds 10 times faster than USB 2.0, will offer transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabits of data per second. Manufacturers are expected to introduce a new generation of USB flash drives, external hard drives, and other devices that will make use of the significantly faster transfer speeds.

Adobe Shuts Down Operations for a Week

From DailyTech: Adobe announced it has shut down its entire North American operations for one business week to help cut costs as the global economy continues to hurt the American tech company.

Firefox 3.5 Cracks 4 Million Downloads Mark

From DailyTech: While still not as ubiquitous as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's new Firefox 3.5 browser was just released yesterday and is off to a great start. The browser was met with mostly positive reviews. Reuters stated, "There's no doubt that version 3.5 of Firefox is significantly faster than version 3...All in all, this is a major improvement over Firefox 3. Even if you're not currently a Firefox user, you'll want to give it a try."

Microsoft Activates Windows 7 Beta Kill Switch

From DailyTech: As forewarned, if you are among the millions who downloaded the Windows 7 beta and you haven't since upgrade to the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC), you are about to experience unpleasant service interruptions. In lieu of an October 22 release, and a wrap-up for the RC phase, Microsoft began the end of life process for the beta release today.

Bing's first month produces small share gain

From CNET Bing took a baby step up the search engine ladder in its first month on the Internet.

Microsoft's share of the search market increased from 7.81 percent prior to the launch of Bing to 8.23 percent for the month of June, according to data from Statcounter picked up by Reuters. Bing got a noticeable bounce during the first few weeks of June, but settled back after the novelty wore off.

Facebook cleans up its privacy controls

From CNET Revamped privacy settings are coming soon to Facebook.

The social network's privacy controls had gotten so sprawling that they were distributed across six separate pages and 40 different settings, according to a conference call the company held on Wednesday.

Sony to Approve Third Party Peripherals for PlayStation Through Special Program

From X-bit Labs:Sony Computer Entertainment on Tuesday announced a new program under which the company will approve peripherals designed by third parties for various PlayStation game systems. The program will help Sony to ensure high quality of peripherals and potentially establish a new revenue stream.


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