GeCube Rumoured to Exit Graphics Cards Business

From X-bit Labs: GeCube, one of well-known suppliers of graphics boards, has reportedly sold its graphics cards business and will concentrate on other products. Separately, Gigabyte Technology, another leading maker of mainboards and graphics cards, sold its stake in the supplier.

EMC acquires majority stake in Data Domain

From InfoWorld: EMC has officially acquired majority ownership of storage vendor Data Domain after a bidding war with NetApp.

After an initial stock purchase offering period ended Friday, EMC acquired 78.2 percent of the outstanding Data Domain shares, in addition to the 3.9 percent of shares previously held by EMC, the company said in a news release.

Apple, Others Sued for Touchpad Patent Infringement

From PC World: It's been a while since we've gone under the gavel, so we bring you back with this installment of yet another patent infringment dispute. A company named Tsera, LLC has filed a suit in Texas Eastern District Court alleging that more than 20 companies, among them Microsoft, Philips, LG, and, naturally, Apple, have violated Tsera's patent for touch-sensitive interfaces.

Google flies you to the moon

From CNET Timed with the 40th anniversary of the first moon walk, the Internet giant on Monday released an addition to its Google Earth mapping software to provide images of moon landscapes and traces of human exploration there.

Toshiba Confirms Entry into Blu-ray Player Market After HD DVD Defeat

From DailyTech: The HD format wars raged for quite some time with both Blu-ray and HD DVD supporters looking to knock out the other. In late 2007, Toshiba was dealt a blow when Warner announced it would only support the Blu-ray format.

In your opinion: WiMAX or 3G?

45% (54 votes)
55% (67 votes)
Total votes: 121

APH Networks Reviews: Eagle Arion ET-AR402IR-BK 2.1 iDock

Intel wraps up Wind River buy

From CNET Intel has completed its purchase of Wind River, which builds software for smartphones and other devices.

Hewlett-Packard to buy Ibrix

From CNET Hewlett-Packard announced Friday that it will acquire Ibrix, a maker of enterprise-scale file serving software.

Large companies running huge data-heavy applications often bump into bottlenecks with both storage and performance. HP says that Ibrix's software is designed to help such customers manage and store massive amounts of data, scaling to tens of petabytes. (A petabyte is 1,000 terabytes.)

Microsoft eases back on IE 8 default

From CNET Responding to widespread carping, Microsoft has made it less likely that Internet Explorer 8 will become the default browser against the user's wishes.

Previously, installing the browser offered an "express settings" that would make IE 8 the default browser without asking, though the custom settings route explicitly asked. Now the express settings will ask, too, Microsoft announced Thursday on its IEBlog.


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