AMD to Win Cyberdyne Systems CPU Contract

From X-bit Labs: The main contenders for the bid are shaping up to be Santa Clara-based Intel, Armonk-based IBM, and Sunnyvale-based AMD. Speculation abounds as to AMD’s upper hand in the bid due to its shared geographic location and similar corporate culture.

Google Chrome gains speed, privacy improvements

From InfoWorld: Google's Chrome browser is now faster and has gained the ability for users to hide thumbnails on its New Tab page. The update, internally called Chrome 2, is being automatically rolled out to current users and is also available for download, according to Chrome team member Darin Fisher, writing in the Google corporate blog.

Is AT&T Preparing a Google Android Offensive?

From PC World: AT&T has been keeping quiet on its plans to adopt the Google Android platform so far. But with rumors that Verizon might steal its iPhone exclusivity and several high-end handset manufacturers already set to deliver Android phones, the wireless carrier is now on track to spread some Google love to its customers.

Apple changes mind on rejected e-book reader app

From CNET Apple has had a change of heart and decided to allow an iPhone app that offered access to the Kama Sutra.

Apple on Thursday notified the developer that it had rejected the e-book reader app because it deemed the content available on Eucalyptus as "objectionable." As it does with all books available through the app, Eucalyptus downloads a text-only version of the ancient Indian book on sexuality from Project Gutenberg

Lenovo S12 Brings NVIDIA Ion to Netbook Market

From DailyTech: When the NVIDIA Ion high-definition integrated graphics platform was announced last year, the instant question which came to most was -- "When will this be appearing in netbooks?"

That question appears to have finally been answered, with the unveiling of the IdeaPad S12 by Lenovo. The new netbook will become the first to use the new graphics chipset.

NC Pushes for $300M USD Apple Tax Break in Hopes of Economic Boost

From DailyTech: As one of the most financially successful companies in this recession economy, Apple makes a popular target for taxation. However, recession stricken North Carolina plans to go the opposite route, hoping to lure a huge Apple server farm into the state in exchange for a massive tax break that could total as much as $300M USD over its lifetime.

Researchers Find Way to Put 1.6 TB on a DVD

From Tom's Hardware: With hard drives hitting 2 TB, our dual-layer DVD burners are starting to look mighty limited. While Blu-ray Disc burners will be making their way into high-end computers soon, it won’t be long until even 50 GB seems puny.

Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 to See Price-Cuts in Q3 – GameStop

From X-bit Labs: GameStop Corp, a leading video game retailer, said during a conference call with financial analysts that it would expect Nintendo and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to reduce the pricing of the Wii and the PlayStation 3 video game systems in the third quarter of 2009. The retailer believes that economic environment as well as shipments projections will force both companies to reconsider their prices.

Amazon S3 lets customers ship big data

From InfoWorld: Amazon's S3 cloud storage service has a new option, called AWS Import/Export, for quickly uploading large amounts of information to its datacenters. It uses a well-developed, multimodal content delivery network that can transmit terabytes of data faster than a T-3 leased line.

Microsoft Cancels Antitrust Hearing in Europe

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