Intel Starts Pilot Production of Mainstream Chips with Unlocked Multiplier

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. has quietly started to sell dual-core Intel Pentium central processing units (CPUs) with unlocked multiplier. The chips are aimed at enthusiasts who want to overclock their microprocessors without many problems. Intel said that at present the Pentium E6500K processor is only aimed at the Chinese market, but later on similar chips may find themselves in other countries as well.

Samsung invades HTC territory with Android handset

From InfoWorld: Samsung Electronics on Monday joined with network operator Taiwan Mobile to try to steal the spotlight from rival High Tech computer (HTC) by launching a handset with Google's Android mobile software, the Samsung i7500, in Taiwan.

Google has little to fear from Microsoft-Yahoo deal

From InfoWorld: Microsoft and Yahoo hope that the consummation of their long-anticipated online search agreement late last month will give them a boost in their frustrating battles with common rival Google. Analysts, though, say the search giant probably has little to fear from the combined effort -- at least in the short term.

Cheap Smartphones Set to Boom in the Pre-paid Market

From PC World: Smartphones are set to become much cheaper as mobile phone vendors try to get data-centric devices in the hands of pre-paid subscribers.

Smartphones are often thought of as very high-end and expensive devices that sit at the top of vendor portfolios, according to Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS Insight. In reality that is starting to change, with vendors putting out more devices at much lower prices, he said.

Apple working on software fix for MacBook Pro hard drives

From CNET Owners of Apple MacBook Pro notebooks with 7200rpm 500GB hard drives have been complaining for months of clicking sounds followed by temporary stalling. According to Apple, a fix is in the works.

"We are aware of the issue and are working on a software update," Apple representative Bill Evans, told CNET News on Monday. He gave no time frame for the release of the software update.

OCZ, Indilinx Develop Garbage Collecting SSD Firmware

From DailyTech: SSDs have a few disadvantages when compared to traditional hard drives. One of those disadvantages is the price of the SSD compared to the price of a HDDs. Another of the disadvantages is the comparatively low storage capacity of SSDs today.

Do you know anyone older than 21 that do not own a cell phone?

23% (33 votes)
77% (110 votes)
Total votes: 143

Logitech Unveils G500 to Replace G5 Mouse

From Tom's Hardware: For Logitech faithful, the G5 was one of the best gaming mice in the company's lineup. Today Logitech launched the successor to the G5, the G500, with an upgraded laser sensor.

Logitech says that the G500 can sense a maximum hand speed of 165 inches per second (ips) and a maximum acceleration force of 30 g's. Users can also adjust dpi on-the-fly from 200 dpi to 5700 dpi.

Elpida Enters Graphics Memory Business, Acquires Technologies from Qimonda

From X-bit Labs: Elpida Memory, the only dynamic random access memory (DRAM) maker from Japan, on Thursday announced that it reached an agreement with Germany-based Qimonda AG, which is now in insolvency proceedings, to acquire Qimonda technology licenses and a portion of the design assets related to graphics double data rate (GDDR) memory. Initially Elpida will outsources production to Winbond, but eventually the firm plans to make GDDR5 at its own plant in Japan.

AMD Unveils OpenCL Development Platform for x86 Central Processing Units

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices this week released beta version of OpenCL development platform that takes advantage of x86 central processing units (CPUs). The company already offers beta version of its ATI Stream platform that relies on graphics processing units (GPUs). AMD hopes that early release of x86-based OpenCL development platform will encourage software makers to tailor their applications for AMD’s processors.


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