AMD adds Phenom, Athlon chips to lineup

From InfoWorld: Advanced Micro Devices has added new desktop processors to its chip lineup, including an upgraded quad-core chip that draws less power.

Google Wave Opens to Select Users this Fall

From PC World: Are you looking forward to the day when Google Wave, Mountain View's all-in-one communication and collaboration tool, goes public? Well, for a select group of users, that day is coming this fall. Google announced in a blog post earlier this week it will open up Wave to 100,000 people on September 30. To get on the early bird list, you have to volunteer to be part of the Google Wave testing community.

iPhone, Mac sales continue to propel Apple forward

From CNET Though iPod sales slipped, Apple rode increased Mac and iPhone sales to a better-than-expected quarter.

Revenue came in at $8.34 billion, resulting in earnings of $1.35 per share. That's a 12 percent increase from a year ago, when Apple reported earnings of $7.46 billion and earnings per share of $1.19.

Firefox 3.0.12 patches five critical problems

From CNET Mozilla on Tuesday released Firefox 3.0.12, an update to the open-source browser that fixes five critical security vulnerabilities and fixes a handful of other bugs.

Intel Launches 34nm NAND SSDs, Claims 60% Price Cut Possible

From DailyTech: Intel is announcing a new generation of Solid State Drives (SSDs) using 34nm NAND flash memory from IM Flash Technologies, its joint venture with chipmaker Micron Technologies. IMFT had previously announced production of 34nm NAND flash in November of last year, but various problems had led to a delay in the scale of mass production that Intel needed.

Canon Unveils Hybrid IS Image Stabilization

From DailyTech: There is one problem that is very common in photography with all cameras from the lowliest point and shoot to the most expensive D-SLR -- camera shake. Camera shake is especially pronounced in telephoto and macro shooting where the small movements are most noticeable.

Mobile Xbox Video Game Platform Incoming – Microsoft

From X-bit Labs: For many years Microsoft Corp. concentrated on non-portable video game consoles and services and pretty much ignored the market of games for handhelds. But that is going to change according to the software giant’s vice president Shane Kim: Microsoft definitely wants to address the market of mobile gaming platforms, the question is when the company releases its platform or enable appropriate third-party devices.

If China Gets Microsoft Office for $29, Why Don't We?

From PC World: In order to take a bite out of piracy, Microsoft sells copies of its Office Suite in China for just $29 dollars. I wonder how many copies Americans would have to pirate to get the same price? So much for the notion that "crime does not pay!"

Analyst: Chip sales to recover in second half

From CNET On the back of Intel's better-than-expected financials, an iSuppli analyst said Monday that chip inventories will recover, driving up sales in the second half of the year.

Following positive financial guidance from Intel and other chipmakers, global semiconductor revenue will increase by a sharp 10.4 percent in the third quarter and by 4.9 percent in the fourth quarter, according to Carlo Ciriello, a financial analyst for iSuppli.

Facebook Reportedly Violates Canadian Privacy Law

From DailyTech: Facebook is under fire because of its privacy settings, with Canadian officials criticizing the No. 1 social networking site, demanding changes to how the site operates for Canadian users.


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