IDF09: Intel Ready With Silicon From Next-Gen "Sandy Bridge" Architecture

From DailyTech: The product launch of Intel's Westmere 32nm die-shrink may be just around the corner, but they aren't resting on their laurels. Sandy Bridge, Intel's next-generation architecture, is already being produced in test batches at D1D in Hillsboro, Oregon.

DoJ Calls for Rewrite of Google Deal

From Tom's Hardware: The U.S. Justice Department late last week urged the court overseeing the deal to reject the settlement in its current form, adding that the court should encourage the involved parties to renegotiate the terms of the settlement.

European Commission Publishes Evidences of Intel’s Abuse of Dominant Position

From X-bit Labs: The European Commission on Monday disclosed evidences proving that Intel Corp. abused its dominant position on the market to ensure its market share. Numerous companies received special rebates on condition that they would not utilize microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices.

Microsoft buys software to bolster its core ERP product

From InfoWorld: Microsoft is buying technology from four of its partners in order to bolster its Dynamics AX ERP (enterprise resource planning) product with commonly needed functions across various industries, according to a senior company executive.

Microsoft sells ERP products across five industries, and three of those categories, manufacturing, retail and professional services, will benefit from the purchase, said Crispin Read, general manager for Dynamics ERP.

If Microsoft Poaches Apple Store Workers, Good Riddance

From PC World: During the Cold War, other totalitarian states kept their citizens behind walls, but if Apple Store employees want to defect to Microsoft, why not?

My pal, Mac pundit Jim Dalrymple quotes people who don't want to incur Apple's wrath, reporting that Microsoft is attempting to woo managers of Apple's stores to its own fledgling retail venture.

Facebook, Nielsen to partner on ad stats

From CNET As part of the Advertising Week festivities in New York, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg is slated to make a marketing-related announcement on Tuesday morning.

The announcement of a partnership with Nielsen on a product called "BrandLift," which polls Facebook users on ads they see on the social network, was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Toshiba brings out business-card-size solid-state drives

From CNET Toshiba has unveiled solid-state drives based on the new mini-Sata interface standard, which lets manufacturers create very small drives for use in Netbooks and other portable or embedded devices.

The Japanese hardware maker introduced on Monday the two 32-nanometer-process SG2 SSD modules, each of which comes in two capacities. In a separate announcement the same day, the Sata-IO consortium said it is developing mini-Sata (mSata).

AMD 6-core "Thuban" CPU Confirmed

From DailyTech: MaximumPC reports that it has confirmed AMD will be delivering its new six-core Thuban CPU next year. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the new six-core beast is that the CPU will be backwards compatible with existing AM3 and AM2+ mainboards.

An AMD spokesman told MaximumPC, "We are all about platform longevity and long-lived upgrade paths.” The statement was a jab at Intel who often requires new sockets when it unleashes new CPUs onto the market.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenburg Talks Xbox 360 Post Price Cut, Elite Gets Temporary $50 Rebate Offer

From DailyTech: The biggest thing to happen in the console wars in a while has been the introduction of the cheaper PS3 Slim and the resulting price cuts from Microsoft. Eurogamer talked with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg and asked him some tough questions about the Xbox 360 and some of the things that happened around the time of the price cut.

Adobe offering cloud service for apps distribution

From InfoWorld: Adobe Systems on Monday will introduce the first two services in a planned line of cloud-based services intended to enhance deployment of Web applications.

Called Adobe Flash Platform Services, the platform features online, hosted services to enable Flash developers to add capabilities to Web applications using a cost-efficient deployment model, Adobe said.

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