Hearing set for appeal of Word injunction

From CNET News.com: A federal appeals court has scheduled a hearing next month to decide whether to uphold a ruling that would force Microsoft to stop selling Word in its current form.

MySpace Buys iLike

From DailyTech: The social networking landscape in America is dominated by two major players -- MySpace and Facebook. MySpace was traditionally the most popular network as far as user numbers, but has been overtaken by Facebook.

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Intel’s Chip With Unlocked Multiplier Hits 6GHz Clock-Speed

From X-bit Labs: Even though the Pentium E6500K processor with unlocked multiplier aimed only at Chinese market did seem to be a solution for those, who would like to have higher-than-expected performance, overclockers with no limits in mind have managed to achieve performance records using the new chips.

BlackBerry to sport Flash and Silverlight next year

From InfoWorld: Research In Motion is set to bring full Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight support to the company's BlackBerry phones. The BoyGenius Report blog claims RIM will introduce the new functionality sometime next summer, together with more powerful handsets.

Not One, But Two Apple Tablets on the Way, Says Report

From PC World: What's better than a rumor about one Apple tablet? A rumor about two. That's right: not one, but two Apple tablets could come either this year or early next year. Market researcher Richard Doherty told BusinessWeek that Apple has developed two tablet computers prototypes: a 6-inch oversized-iPod version and another with a bigger display.

Blockbuster, Motorola team up for mobile movies

From CNET News.com: After inking a deal with Samsung last month to deliver movies directly to your home, Blockbuster announced on Tuesday that its OnDemand service is also coming to your mobile phone.

MacBook Pro Notebook HDD, Bluetooth Fixes Arrive

From DailyTech: Last week DailyTech reported that the 500 GB hard drives on some of the new MacBook Pros were beeping randomly and performing poorly. Apple said it was aware of these issues and that it considered fixing them one of its top priorities. It apparently didn't take them long to deliver on that assurance.

Palm CEO Rejected Apple's Jobs' Call for Truce on Poaching Employees

From DailyTech: When it comes to hardware, Apple only has one legitimate competitor in the smart phone market -- Palm. Palm's Pre is the only smartphone besides the iPhone to support multi-touch, and its also the only other smartphone to be able to be able to easily sync with iTunes. Both of these assets reportedly came thanks in part to the inside knowledge former Apple engineers brought to Palm.

Crytek: There May Not Be Next Gen

From Tom's Hardware: Crytek co-founder Cevat Yerli yesterday spoke in a keynote address at GDC Europe, discussing the "future of gaming graphics" from a developer's perspective. He provided the company's timeline up until now, covering Crytek's desire to create an FPS that didn't contain corridor after corridor back in 2001, to the present development of Crysis 2 and the CryEngine 3 engine.

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