Apple Reminds: iPhone and iPod Overheat at 35 Degrees Celcius

From X-bit Labs: Apple recently issued a statement advising users of its iPhone 3G and 3GS to operate their cell phones in environments with certain temperatures. Many web-sites considered this as a warning about potential overheating problems that the latest iPhone may have. However, it looks to be more like a reminder as Apple’s gadgets have never been compatible with hot or cold weather.

Leaked: Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android phone

From InfoWorld: We know for some time now that Sony Ericsson (SE) is working on a Google Android-based mobile phone, but the company has been keeping mum on details. However, pictures leaked by a Danish site appear to reveal Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android phone, and it looks like a good one.

Dell's Online Price Error Troubles Worsen in Taiwan

From PC World: Dell was hit by another online pricing snafu in Taiwan on Sunday, prompting a strong reprimand from the island's Consumer Protection Commission.

The company was ordered last week by Taiwan's Consumer Protection Commission to make good on sales from an online pricing error and deliver 19-inch LCD monitors to local consumers for NT$500 (US$15.26). It now has pricing errors on laptop and desktop PCs to add to its woes.

Nokia Android rumors earn outright denial

From CNET Nokia has strongly denied working on an Android-based handset, following a report early on Monday that it's planning to do so.

The report, carried in The Guardian, took a cue from "industry insiders" to predict the launch of a touch-screen Android device at Nokia World in September. When contacted by ZDNet UK later Monday morning, a Nokia representative issued an "outright denial" of the piece.

Reports: Windows 7 Release to Manufacturing Set for July 13

From DailyTech: The year's most highly anticipated software release, Windows 7, is just around the corner. Microsoft recently announced that the new OS would see general availability (consumer sales) on October 22. In preparation for that, it recently began its termination of the beta program, encouraging users to install the Release Candidate build which will be available until August.

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AMD Will Not Support Nvidia's CUDA Technology

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices and its ATI graphics business unit will not support Nvidia Corp.'s CUDA general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) environment. AMD/ATI believes that since CUDA (which was originally an abbreviate for compute unified device architecture) was developed by Nvidia, the latter will get unreasonable performance benefits in CUDA-powered applications, whereas performance of ATI graphics chips may be handicapped.

XHTML 2 language dumped in favor of HTML 5

From InfoWorld: Looking to focus on the budding -- and game-changing -- HTML 5 specification, the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) said Thursday it plans to increase available resources for the effort by discontinuing further development of XHTML 2.

Taiwan Keeps Door to China Closed for Chip Maker UMC

From PC World: Taiwan will have to revise chip-industry regulations before United Microelectronics (UMC) can invest in China, an official said Friday.


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