Is Project Natal a New Xbox 360 Console? Nope.

From PC World: What do you get when you combine the Xbox 360, a motion sensor, and a debatably catchy new moniker like Project Natal? Not much we don't already know, it turns out. Still, that's not stopped at least one game site from speculating about a "second coming" in sternly declarative syntax.

Apple Patches Java Hole Six Months After Initial Discovery

From DailyTech: With close to 75 million OS X distributions reportedly in the wild, triple the number two years ago, Apple has to start taking security more seriously. Fortunately for Apple users, while security researchers regularly demonstrate OS X exploits, the Black Hat community remains rather apathetic to attacking the Mac community.

iPhone 3G S begins shipping to customers

From CNET Introduced last week and due in stores on Friday, several people are reporting that shipments of the iPhone 3G S have started.

One AppleInsider reader reported that his 32GB black iPhone shipped from China. Other early iPhone buyers are reporting on Twitter that Apple sent them shipping confirmation e-mails as well.

Microsoft to announce Azure business plan next month

From CNET Microsoft plans to announce next month more of the business details behind its Windows Azure operating system.
The software maker unveiled the cloud-based operating system at a developer conference last year. It has said that some of the services, currently in free testing, will be released in final form this year. The company has said that it will run Azure applications in its data centers and will charge users based on the computing resources they need.

ATI to Boost Efficiency of Multi-GPU Operation in OpenGL

Intel's new Atom chip 'breaks' Moore's Law

From InfoWorld: It seems Moore's Law doesn't apply to the next generation of Intel's Atom chips. The low-cost, power-sipping chips, codenamed "Pineview," will greatly improve upon both of those traits, but at the expense of any significant speed boost, according to authentic-looking specs leaked this month.

IBM Rolls out New Enterprise Cloud Services Push

From PC World: IBM on Monday rolled out a new cloud-computing strategy aimed at large enterprises, formed around the notion of tying cloud services to specific IT tasks.

Two initial services announced Monday focus on application development and testing and virtual desktop management.

Google's digital book future hangs in the balance

From CNET Google, the company best equipped and most motivated to digitize the world's books, wants to offer the world an online Library of Alexandria. The decisions of the Justice Department, authors, book publishers, a federal judge, and Google itself likely will determine whether the company actually does.

Microsoft Will No Longer Pay for Employee iPhones, Blackberries

From DailyTech: Technology firms are notorious for some of the perks they offer to retain employees. Google is perhaps the most notorious giver of perks with gourmet lunches and swimming spas to keep its working masses happy.

Microsoft will "Soon" Offer Beta Antivirus App

From DailyTech: Microsoft is the largest software company on the planet with applications ranging from office productivity to the operating systems the vast majority of consumer computers run on. Microsoft has also offered protection suits to help keep computers running its software operating efficiently.

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