Asus laptops now have the latest quad-core Intel processors

From The Verge: Asus has revealed its new line of laptops that feature 8th-generation Intel core processors. They include laptops from the ZenBook and VivoBook lines, complete with the latest quad-core processors that double the amount of cores from the previous models. Asus claims a 40 percent increase in performance, while keeping energy consumption the sam

Hulu Launches on Nintendo Switch

From PC Mag: Good news, Nintendo Switch owners: you can now stream Hulu.

Hulu on Thursday became the first US streaming service to debut on the hybrid console. The next time you fire up your Switch, you'll be able to download Hulu right from the Nintendo eShop and stream The Handmaid's Tale, This is Us, The Mindy Project, Fargo, or whatever else you like to watch on the service.

Uber loses UK appeal, must treat drivers as workers

From CNET: Ride-hailing app Uber has lost an appeal against a ruling that its drivers should be classed as workers instead of self-employed.

Uber's appeal was rejected at the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in London on Friday morning, according to Reuters.

"I have been campaigning against Uber since 2014 and although I always knew I was on the right side, it has always been a struggle that has brought enormous pressure on us.

Google’s Files Go is now available in beta from the Play Store

From The Verge: Earlier this week, Google leaked a new app called Files Go on the Play Store for managing and sharing files, but the page was pulled pretty quickly after it went live. Now, the company is bringing the app back in the form of an early dev build as a beta for anyone who wants to try it out.

Google's Chrome Browser to Stamp Out Sneakier Pop-Up Ads

From PC Mag: As developers come up with even peskier ways to show you online ads, Google is countering with new features to block them out.

An upcoming version of Google's Chrome browser will stamp out surprise ads that activate when a website you're visiting unexpectedly navigates you to a new page.

Chrome already blocks pop-up ads, but sneaky developers have managed to bypass these protections. They can do so by secretly embedding some code into a website that'll trigger a redirect to a new destination.

Intel hires Radeon boss Raja Koduri to challenge AMD, Nvidia in high-end discrete graphics

From PC World: Intel dropped a bombshell on Wednesday afternoon, confirming that the company has hired AMD’s former graphics guru, Raja Koduri, heading up a new group to design high-end discrete graphics for "a broad range of computing segments."

Chinese tech giant takes 12% stake in ailing Snap

From CNET: Chinese tech behemoth Tencent has taken a 12 percent stake in social media giant Snap, according to the Financial Times. Tencent sits among China's three biggest tech companies along with Baidu and Alibaba, collectively known as BAT.

The news, revealed Wednesday in Snap's quarterly filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, comes after the company posted disappointing results of its growth this quarter.

Google Rolls Out Pixel 2 XL Screen Fixes, KRACK Patch

From PC Mag: Google is rolling out some of the fixes it promised late last month following widespread reports detailing screen burn-in on the Pixel 2 XL. To "extend the life of the OLED display," the navigation bar buttons at the bottom of the Pixel screen will now fade out after a short period of inactivity, Google wrote.

Google is also reducing the maximum brightness of the Pixel 2 XL. This will "significantly" reduce load on the screen "with an almost undetectable change in the observed brightness," Google Engineering Vice President Seang Chau in a blog post last month.

Opera refresh adds VR support and in-browser selfies

From CNET: The Opera desktop browser was reborn with social media capabilities earlier this year, but that apparently wasn't enough.

Today's update adds VR support to the multifaceted browser, letting you stream 360 degree videos to your HTC Vive or Oculus headset, as well as any OpenVR devices. It'll also let you edit screenshots, add emojis and take selfies with your laptop camera.

Snap’s stock price plummets after weak earnings

From The Verge: Snap published its third quarter earnings report as a public company this afternoon. This first two did not go well, and the third was no better. The company missed investors’ expectations in terms of revenue and user growth, and the share price plunged over 15 percent in after-hours trading.


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