AMD: Fusion is Going to Be Unlike Everything We Have Seen Before

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has not delivered a top-performing central processing unit since 2006. Although the company has managed to fight back the first place on the market of discrete graphics cards, its financial performance remains questionable. But there is the next - Fusion - era comes to AMD, which will have drastic influence onto the company's future. The firm thinks so.

Windows Phone 7 Aside, Verizon Exec says Microsoft won't Lead Mobile

From PC World: Windows Phone 7 may be finally getting its coming-out party today, but a top Verizon exec says he is underwhelmed by Microsoft's mobile strategy and products, and doesn't consider the company one one of the top players in the mobile market.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon's president and chief operating office, is number two at the company, just below Verizon CEO and Chairman Ivan Seidenberg. Many expect McAdam to take over Seidenberg's reigns when he retires.

Solid-State Drives Set to Become More Capacious - Micron

From X-bit Labs: Solid-state drives are projected to become much more capacious, but more affordable in the coming years, according to Micron, a major maker of flash memory that powers SSDs. In general, the company believes that solid-state storage will get more affordable. On the SSD front, absolutely, I think the pricing will help increase density per drive, yet more advanced.

Google Experimental Self-driving Cars Logged 140K Miles

From eWeek: Google Oct. 9 said it has built technology to make cars drive themselves, an exercise to help reduce traffic accidents, free up motorists' time and ultimately curb carbon emissions.

In what the company is calling a first in robotics research, Google for the past year has sent out Toyota Priuses with trained operators all over California highways and roads, extending to Lake Tahoe.

Nvidia's Tegra Starts to Get Popular Among Manufacturers

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp.'s Tegra system-on-chip (SoC) is beginning to gain ground among manufacturers of mobile devices. To date, the second-generation Tegra SoC has ten confirmed design wins. Moreover, even less advanced first-gen Tegra has products shipping.

Articles Roundup: October 10, 2010

Do you have lights inside your computer?

Yep, looks awesome with a window
30% (44 votes)
Just the ones on my motherboard... does that count?
37% (55 votes)
33% (48 votes)
Total votes: 147

Delkin Fat Gecko Review

In the past, I always wondered how TV and movie producers pulled off those fast action, heart thumping camera angles from a car right at bumper level, footage sourced from underneath an airplane while it is landing, views from the side of a speedboat riding the waves at incredible velocities, and whatnot. The funny thing is, despite this interest, it actually never extended beyond just thoughts crossing my mind that should have materialized into a couple of quick Google search queries. The illogical and unscientific part of me simply assumed it probably involved equipment that are out of reach, or simply impractical, for amateur hobbyists like me. After all, they do have budgets higher than what poor technology writers such as yours truly would make in a lifetime. (Okay, I lied, my main thing is Electrical Engineering, but you get the idea, haha.) If you ever wondered the about this, or still are wondering about this, then you are in luck -- because we have quite a practical answer to that question. Say hello to the Delkin Fat Gecko, a universal mount that can accommodate a camera weighing up to eight pounds on any smooth surface. That's right -- any non-porous surface. With a strong, rugged, steel frame construction, double knuckle design for any shooting angle configuration, and a duo of very hardcore suction cups, the company claims nothing less than it being "one extreme mount for extreme conditions". The good news does not stop here, either. Designed for consumers and professionals alike, it is extremely easy to use, and comes in at a very reasonable price of $90 at press time, so you don't need to remortgage your house just to afford such equipment. Pumped up and ready to make your own knockoff version of Top Gear? Read on to see our review of the Delkin Fat Gecko!

View: Delkin Fat Gecko Camera Mount review

Apple Settles Backdating Lawsuit for $20.5 Million

From Tom's Hardware: Apple has finally settled a four-year-old class-action lawsuit filed by the New York City Employees' Retirement System relating to backdating stock options
. The company has been ordered to pay $14 million to shareholders, $2.5 million to fund corporate-governance programs at Columbia and Stanford and an additional $4 million in legal fees.

Firefox for Android beta: A good first effort

From CNET The first beta of Firefox 4 for Android arrived Thursday, offering users of Google's mobile operating system a browser interface with both smart new features and some weaknesses.


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