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What is different about the ColorBuds True Wireless compared to the Stylish True Wireless I reviewed earlier this year? As it turned out, after trying both out extensively, there is quite a bit. On the physical side, the ColorBuds True Wireless feels significantly more compact and lightweight compared to the Stylish True Wireless. This means they are more comfortable, fit better, and stick out less when in use from my experience. Feature-wise, we get capacitive touch controls rather than a physical button, IPX5 certification for water and sweat resistance, USB Type-C port for charging, and IR sensors for auto play or pause; all of which are not found in the Stylish True Wireless. Furthermore, fast pairing -- where the pairing process starts automatically once you open the ColorBuds True Wireless' charging case lid -- is also something new that I really appreciate and makes a big difference in day-to-day use. When it comes to performance, the 1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless is also an improvement compared to the Stylish True Wireless. The sound is a bit more neutral, which I like; along with generally slightly better sound quality across the board. The ColorBuds True Wireless' noise cancelling microphone is also very good for voice calls. Soundstaging still has lots of room for improvement, but this is a common issue with all true wireless in-ear monitors I have tried. What has not changed with these earphones are its excellent wireless consistency and range along with comprehensive protocol support like aptX, AAC, and SBC. The tested battery life of 7.4 hours is significantly better than the rated 6 hours from the manufacturer. For about $100 at press time, the 1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless continues the company's recipe for success: Offer exceptional value for the performance you get.

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The 1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless are compact and lightweight Bluetooth earphones that deliver great sound and excellent battery life at a very competitive price.

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