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When we take a look at everything we have with the Cooler Master MH650, one could come to the conclusion this is really just a wired Cooler Master MH670, which speaks to a lot of positive elements we have. For one, we still have the same solid build and good materials used here. We may have swapped out the PU leather for a breathable mesh fabric, but it still is very well built. Its thick and soft foam ear cups are headband provide a padded fit, and its low mass makes the whole experience very comfortable. The RGB lighting may make the MH650 gamer-like, but they are tastefully implemented without much excess. Cooler Master's software experience is now streamlined to the point where every peripheral they add into their MasterPlus software is integrated well with a good amount of configuration options. In practice, the MH650 is very much a gaming headset with its V-shaped sound signature and good soundstaging capabilities. The swap to the mesh fabric has reduced some of the harshness and sharpness I felt with the wireless revision, which I prefer. Furthermore, the included microphone performs superbly, recording user's voices with clarity and cleanness. The virtual surround sound works well without creating distortion. If there is a place to refine this headset, it still would be in the audio quality, as transitions between frequency ranges and definition in more complicated music could be improved upon. At press time, the Cooler Master MH650 is available for around $90 USD. When we look at the price to performance ratio, I think this headset is a formidable option for a wired gaming headset that is built well and sounds good, too.

Cooler Master provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The MH650 is yet another solid wired gaming headset from Cooler Master, now with some RGB lights.

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