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After making separate lists of chocolate and gummies, it was no surprise to see that the top candies in both categories were the same as the previous combined list earlier. This is because, without the categories, we already had in mind what was our favorite candy from each option was. So, when I think of the top gaming mouse and top wireless mouse, does the Cooler Master MM831 come to my mind? To answer this question, let me break down the categories. On the gaming side of things, you can tell Cooler Master has done their homework here. The MM831’s solid feel and shape is comfortable, while the durable PBT shell makes the exterior less prone to showing wear and tear over time. The mouse is made for medium to large hands, but the buttons are in good places and the Omron switches underneath feel solid. Many RGB LEDs surround the MM831, though you can also turn them off for a muted look. Most of all, its sensor is an excellent performer in games, keeping predictable tracking and without jitter at usable sensitivity settings. As for the wireless side of things, I appreciated the option to allow users to operate this mouse with a wire or without one. Charging was simplified by supporting a direct USB Type-C plug and Qi wireless charging. Offering Bluetooth for more day-to-day tasks is a neat feature too, as it offers connectivity to all sorts of devices without needing a USB adapter. If I did have any gripes however, I think the battery life could still be improved upon, as the battery life was a bit short during my use. Even though this could mean putting a larger battery inside and increasing the weight, I think this would be a worthwhile trade-off. At launch, the Cooler Master MM831 has an MSRP of $80 USD, firmly putting it in other competition sights such as the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro. As such, if the glove mouse fits the hand, the Cooler Master MM831 is a well-performing option in both wired and wireless circumstances.

Cooler Master provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Cooler Master MM831 is a wireless gaming mouse that performs well in games and in day-to-day use.

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